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Is Hackintosh worth the effort ?

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Seriously after reading all the raves of a mac i downloaded lots of hackintosh images from all around the net and still i haven't been able to get one satisfying experience.
Ok I understand that a hackintosh will bever be a true mac but seriously before i commit to the real mac i wanted to know whether its worth it.
Frankly where ever i have seen the comparisons between the OS, Leopard always inches ahead.
But somehow it doesn't reflect in my installations.Needless to say everything , the display, sound,Network , wireless works on the hackintosh. Only the punch that the site reviews give is not there.
Am i missing something ?

P.S. This thread under no circumstances discusses installing hackintosh or sorting out its issues or recommends it. If you like Mac buy it.


On hackintosh, there are lot of "Integration Problems".most of which can be sorted very easily but still requires some effort on user's end. But after this is taken care of, your working environment on a PC would be almost same as on MAC.

For a True experience, you should try OSX on real Mac;).


A Hackintosh can never really even be compared to a read Mac because the first step itself strays far, far away from the Mac experience. Mac is about never having to worry about your computer again. Its a buy, dump-in-corner, use kind of thing.


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I think the best way is to check with some friends who use a mac. One of my friends recently bought a Mac Mini and I went to see how it works. I loved it (I am not planning to buy Mac mini though). He allowed me to work on it using the VNC too, was a nice experience.

As far as I know (Sorry, I do not have any personal experience) Hackintosh is not easy to do / manage. Some says it works but majority are facing problems while installing / running.
Some things here:
1. Hackintosh doesn't require much effort to install.
2. It just ain't worth installing it. Crashes,hangs,driver issues. Worse than Windows 2000 seriously.

PS:I had successfully installed Hackint0sh on my PC and everything was working. This was when I didn't have a Mac. It's not the real fun. Frequent crashes,hang-ups spoil the fun. Moreover,it's illegal. So,where the *&( aare you mods?
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