1. S

    Why do we see both good & bad reviews for the same product in online shopping sites?

    We have seen product ratings from 1 to 5 for the same product in online shopping sites right? Why is it so? How come the same product is best for some & worst for others?
  2. Sam22

    Anyone heard about Lyoness?

    I was introduced to Lyoness by a friends few days back and from the upper hand it looks like to pretty good but after having some initial research on the same, I came across some negative reviews about the company as well so right now I am bit confused on whether I should go ahead or now. Anyone...
  3. sudhir_3193

    dell s2216h versus LG 22MP68VQ MONITOR

    Hi everyone, I basically wanted to purchase good monitor for gaming gta 5, Witcher 3 and AAA games. LG 22MP68VQ has got very bad reviews at Amazon and dell s2216h has got good reviews. Any actual user of this monitor can please help me decide, which is the better one. Thanks guys.
  4. T

    [Video] OnePlus 3 Review: A True Flagship at Mid-Range Price

    Hey guys... I have just posted the review of the OnePlus 3 on my Youtube Channel, so though why not share it with all you guys... So, here is the review: I hope you guys find it useful :) If you did, please do LIKE the video and SHARE it among your...
  5. T

    [Video] Moto Z Review: Motorola's Best Flagship Yet!

    Hey guys... Yesterday, I posted a review of the Moto Z and Moto Z Force on my Youtube Channel. So, I thought, why not share it with all you guys. So, here's the review: I hope you guys find it useful. If you do, please LIKE and SHARE the video...
  6. B

    The Anti-Review of OnePlus X!

    Hey guys, Big Deadpool fan here, and I made this video thinking: What if Deadpool did phone reviews? It must be snarky I thought, but then the continuing idiocy of Indian censors made me re-think: What if Deadpool did phone reviews in India? There would be beeps. Lots of beeps. So here's the...
  7. vidhubhushan

    Penta Windows Tablet

    someone saw and asked opinion on it. Penta | Intel & Microsoft 8 inch Tablet With Keyboard & Mouse | use is reading ebooks, net surfing, youtube etc., offline movies and may be skype. any opinions / reviews for it.
  8. samaresh7

    Urgent: Need expert advise about Lenovo K3 Note..

    Ordered Lenovo K3 note today, but my friends are saying it has major heating problems, heats up to 50C...also many reviews in flipkart saying the same..should i cancel my order??. But some online reviews are saying that the heating issue is fixed after OTA updates..should i believe that?? I am...
  9. mitraark

    Speakers 5.1 for PC 15k large room

    Need a 5.1 Speaker setup to use with my PC which is used mostly for FIFA ( and maybe the occasional gaming ), and watching music videos. The room I'll use it in is really large, 20ft x 12ft and 13 ft high, if that matters. Budget was initially 10k but after going through the specs and reviews...
  10. sam_738844

    [HBM] Fury Unleashed : Titan Killer? Not really.

    Reviews are out for the most awaited GPU launch (ever?) AMD's back, and unleashed Fury with its latest HBM based Fiji-XT Enthusiast Grade R9-Fury X Card, is it worth all the hype that it followed? find out with all reviews rounded up. Articles: AMD Radeon R9 Fury X 4GB Review - Tom's Hardware...
  11. P

    Is Sony Bravia W70B a good television for PS3 and PS4

    Hello All, I am planning to purchase an LED TV. I could see good reviews for Sony Bravia W700B. Sony WebLink here: Is this going to be great for PS3[ currently have it ] as well as PS4[ if I purchase in the near future ]?. I could see this coming up to around 37k in YesMart...
  12. Jim Kirk

    Need a new internet connection/broadband in Delhi for 500-1k

    Hello, I need a new internet connection for both my PC and laptop. I am not a big downloader, what I want is fast speed while surfing especially the stock market websites and platforms. I have seen MTNL as well, but reviews are little disappointed. Please suggest me good one in South...
  13. Chetan1991

    Need a small conventional oven

    Need a small oven for making pizza, maybe try baking bread etc. This one looks like a nice contender: Buy Panasonic NT-GT1 9-Litre 1200-Watt Oven Toaster Online at Low Prices in India - Its cheap but has good reviews. Are there any other similarly priced options?
  14. rakesh_sharma23

    Build LOG : Review data Storage PC

    Hi I am back with another build. It’s just a New PC build for storing my review and website data. As you might know that I have started doing lot of reviews now a days, and having lot of images , graphs, and lot of files scattered all over my three portable drive, my Home pc ( which is also...
  15. D

    [Help]Sony 50W900B

    Any reviews of Sony 50W900B ? Also searched on youtube but didn't found any review... Want to upgrade from Old 26' LCD Bravia to new LED TV Many reviews says 950A is better than 950B So what's your opinion on should i go for 900B on any other ? Please reply asap Budget 1.30 lac...
  16. Sankalp Tripathi

    Suggestions needed for buying a good earphone

    budget :- within 1500 rs / Usage :- for laptop as well as Mobile My choice of music is wide. (not trying to be corny :-) ).from Pyassa of Gurudutt sahab to Ghulam ali ,ghazals (i short except 90's ) all are in my playlist.I hear 2 pac to eminem or whiz khalifa.linkin,Pink floyd,Nirvana...
  17. varghesekiran

    To buy 5.1 Home theater

    Guys.. How is this 5.1 system ? Philips DSP 2800 Home Speaker - Philips: Anyone used this ? My primary use is to connect it to TV and DVD. Please share your reviews...
  18. .jRay.

    Cooling Pad for Laptop

    I have a Lenovo Z580 and when i game on it it gets pretty hot because of the metal body and i'm looking forward to buy a new laptop cooling pad.. I have a budget of around 1.6K-1.7K and the areas that get particularly hot are these I'm considering this one Deepcool Multi Core...
  19. A

    Help wanted....Need to buy HTC Desire 210...!!!!

    What are the reviews on this phone HTC Desire 210 what are your suggestions....
  20. G


    Guys i've built my first site Would like your reviews and feedbacks!
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