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is Demonoid.com blocked?

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@azzu-i think they were just checking if the website was working or not.
i think they are modyfying it now.
it will start working soon.
i hope with no ads now.
they irritate me.


^^yup hope so
u can block ads usin zone alaram or some free ware y bother
ADS r the main source of incometo maitain there site :)


Right off the assembly line
For ANY Canadian users attempting to access Demonoid at the moment

You will recieve this error

We received a letter from a lawyer represeting the CRIA, they were threatening with legal action and We need to start blocking Canadian traffic because of this. If you reside in Canada, that is the reason you are being redirected to this message. Thanks for your understanding, and sorry for any inconvenience.

Demonoid has locked out ALL Canadian IP addresses. Best bet, as has been mentioned in this thread before is to use a proxy changer.

I myself have been using http://www.kproxy.com


Broken In
Recently many torrents sites have been blocked specifically for North America due to copyright laws.

Its strange if it is blocked in india as well.......


You can directly log in to Demonoid now. I just checked it without the use of any proxies and logged in my account quite comfortably...


Pee into the Wind...
Can anyone here access their forums??I gett this error when I try to...

"Connection Problems

Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. Please try again later.
Click here to go back"


dude, the site's not opening.
but the tracker's still working.
i've even tried their alternate site www.demonoid.cc but that too is not opening.
tried different browsers but still not opening.
but the site's opening in a proxy.
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