1. S

    Google Custom Search Malware?

    Hi all, Offlate I have observed that whenever I am searching anything in my Firefox search window, the search redirects to Google Custom Search ( Some sites on the internet say that it is a malware. When I am changing my settings from "use system proxy settings" to "no proxy" I...
  2. kg11sgbg

    Want to get rid of Proxy Server by disabling it within Internet Explorer 11

    The IE11 on my Windows 10 is always reset and activated to whenever I open the IE11. I had to manually deactivate by unchecking the Proxy Server statements checkbox every time. Otherwise websites/webpages tends to unopen by showing error message of proxy server. How do I get rid of...
  3. win32.tr0jan

    Steam behind proxy

    I want to play CS1.6 ( and maybe TF2 too ). But I am at a restricted environment ( School / office etc.) which is behind a proxy. It has closed the ports used by Steam ( 27000,27015 etc.). Is there any method to make Steam connect ( if its anonymous) ? Or will non steam games be able to connect...
  4. T

    Bsnl throttling youtube

    Last few days YouTube was not working properly on my 512 kbps ul bsnl connection. Streams two seconds and then buffer. Then I got to program monitor and saw my data usage was only around 100-200kbps so I got investigating and saw that my download speed was fine getting around 60kBps( i.e...
  5. akhilc47

    How to bypass proxy authentication

    Hi, I've an internet connection in my hostel via LAN. It has a proxy and port number. It'll also need an authentication which is provided to each student for connecting to internet. I've purchased a windows phone, Nokia Lumia 720 and I'm now trying to setup a wifi hotspot in my laptop so that I...
  6. sahil1033

    Proxy sites !!

    My college has banned many sites including proxy sites like ztunnel, ninjacloak. Can you please suggest me more proxy sites.
  7. mohityadavx

    How to Run Tor Bundle within a proxy

    I am having a network in which if you need to run something you need to connect it to a local proxy server whose details are as follows: Server - Port - 8080 How can I configure Tor Bundle to work on this?
  8. T

    Slow speed while on proxy server

    When I am surfing via Tor Browser or any proxy site then I don't get the speed that I am subscribed to by my ISP, is there a workaround to this drawback ? The speeds are much slower.
  9. Harsh Pranami

    Which IP adress is visible to my college WIFI server????

    Hi friends. My college has a wifi server on campus through which I can access internet anytime. Now today i connected to college wifi and opened this url What Is My IP Address? Lookup IP, Hide IP, Change IP, Trace IP and more... .It displayed my ip address as 58.85.445.12 (not exact). Now I...
  10. aaruni

    Using Proxy to hide country ?

    Hey guys. I want to use x10hosting, but when I try to sign up, it says that registrations from this area have been banned due to abuse of service. Now, I don't want to host any abusive stuff, only a forum of mine, which 000webhost has suspended because it sends mails. (1000 mails, from 16th...
  11. Chetan1991

    tor failing in "Establishing an encrypted directory connection" because of nebero

    My college uses Nebero proxy on the gateway computer. You have to first login to get net access. It is quite annoying since it is even blocking shortcodes. I have been trying to get the Tor Browser package to connect to the net but it always get stuck at "Establishing an encrypted directory...
  12. Y

    Proxy and SSH encryption

    Hi, I want to download a file its around 12GB. The problem is that my college server doesnt allow me to use torrents, websites like 4shared, rapidshare etc are blocked. with the help of TOR browser (proxy) i anyhow got access to rapidshare, i started downloading that file (there are 26 parts...
  13. Ironman

    How to Access this FTP Site?

    I want to access the FTP of China University of Science & Technology But i cannot access the link Can any one please tell me a way to access this ftp site using proxy or vpn or anything legal or some grey hat or black hat techniques ? Please...
  14. D

    502 proxy error

    cant open the normal sites.. like fb error"Error Code: 502 Proxy Error. The request was rejected by the HTTP filter. Contact your ISA Server administrator. (12217)" how to get rid of it....
  15. mohityadavx

    LG P500 WiFi Proxy authentication

    Hey I want to use my college Wifi on my cellphone the problem is since my phone (LG P500) has android version 2.3.7 oxygen rom it does not give option for authentication while connecting to proxy and to connect to my college wifi all data passes through a proxy and you have to enter your...
  16. S

    Help with ProxyDroid

    I want to use wifi network in my hostel on my LG P500.But it cannot be accessed without proxy settings. so, i downloades ProxyDroid on my phone but I dont know how to configure it. please help. PS: I know the proxy address and port. My device is rooted. CM7
  17. R

    Looking for a Proxy app

    Hmm, I am looking for a proxy app.. which will apply this "proxy" to ALL the apps which require internet on my samsung galaxy Y. Been searching for it for months but to no avail. As you know, that under Wifi advanced settings, you can add the proxy but it'll work only on the default (dolphin)...
  18. tech_boy

    #Proxy Server Interception#

    Hello, I want to ask a question. I am using proxy server for connecting to internet. Is it possible for the proxy administrator to intercept the usernames and passwords of the websites accessed via HTTPS........
  19. balakrish

    Ways to access the blocked sites!

    Okay after all these blocking of sites which we love and like, we have to find a way to give our ISP a halwa. :P So Now im gonna list the ways i know to bypass these kind of restrictions. 1. Use a web based proxy (e.g. 2. Use an ip based proxy (e.g. Free Proxy List -...
  20. balakrish

    SSH Proxy and http proxy?

    Hi friend! Actually I have two pc-s. One is here and another one is "some where" else. I got very fast internet connection on that 2nd pc. 1st PC runs ubuntu 12.04LTS and second one also runs ubuntu 12.04LTS. I always use ssh tunneled proxy to ensure my internet...
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