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Hi guys,

can u guys tell me the main differences between mozilla and mozilla firefox ? which is faster and secure ?
is opera better that them ?


can u recommend a good ftp s/w to upload files to my web site.


p.s i use a dialup connection to connect to the net.


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as far as the FTP is concerned
u have a very good FTP its fre
its called
google it to dload
and there is
but is a shareware


Thanks for the FTP info.
I was using WS-FTP pro 9 which is nearing the end of its trial period
Lets try ACE FTP3


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The best FTP client - FLASHFXP and SMARTFTP.

FlashFXP is not free, SMARTFTP is. Both are the best will download/upload anything anywhere.


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What's the difference between Firefox and Mozilla?

Mozilla (Application Suite, also known as SeaMonkey) is a complete suite of web related applications, such as a browser, a mail/news client, a chat client and much more. Firefox is just a browser, which makes it a better choice if you already have a mail client for example. Also, since Firefox is smaller than the whole Mozilla suite, it's faster and easier to use.

Note, though, that Firefox is not just the standalone Mozilla browser. The user interface in Firefox differs from Mozilla in many ways. For example, Firefox has customizable toolbars.

Hope this answers it all.
Firefox is faster than mozilla i guess. Having used both of them. However security wise a few mozilla exploits have been discovered while there are a few bugs in the Firefox, but no vulnerabilities as of now( i cud b wrong though).
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