1. patkim

    Mobile Internet on PC - Does web server know the mobile number?

    Just out of curiosity I have this question. When we browse the internet using any typical browser like IE, Mozilla, Chrome etc on PC and using mobile Internet 2G/3G tethered on PC, does the website servers we connect to know our mobile number? Thanks.
  2. Desmond

    Mozilla Firefox discussion megathread

    This thread is dedicated to discussions, announcements and troubleshooting of the greatest Open Source browser in the market - Mozilla Firefox Links: Download - Download Firefox — Free Web Browser — Mozilla Marketplace - Firefox Marketplace Addons - Add-ons for Firefox Firefox for Android...
  3. S

    Need help in downloading videos

    Hi, Looking for some type of software or browser plugin/addons for downloading silverlight videos available on the webpage. Site ex :-* I'm already using downloader helper in mozilla firefox but it is not able to download videos. Thanks
  4. Inceptionist

    Thanks for messing up right click menu Mozilla

    Thanks for messing up right click menu Mozilla. You really don't know the phrase 'don't try fix what isn't broken'.
  5. H

    Firefox repotedly working on a Chromecast killer.

    Source: GigaOm VS0VUOfrycw Full Article:-
  6. ithehappy

    Wow, Chrome is disgusting!

    Well I was surfing net and thought lets connect the laptop to the TV and I did, was surfing with Chrome, like any kids do :lol: but I was shocked! I mean look at the fonts. It looked like someone painted quality mud on the webpages! So fcuking blurry! Wha the hell :-o Then just to check used IE...
  7. H

    Mozilla Firefox Hangs

    Pls help me, My browser (Mozilla Firefox) hangs very often My system config is: Intel Core 2 Duo E4600@2.40GHz RAM 2GB OS Windows XP Home Edition SP3 Shall I upgrade my RAM??
  8. Desmond

    Mozilla and Epic bring Unreal Engine to the browser

    Source : Mozilla and Epic bring Unreal Engine to the browser | Check out the actual demo here : Epic Citadel More similar demos of Game engines ported to HTML5/JS *
  9. Desmond

    Spyware used by governments poses as Firefox, Mozilla displeased.

    Source : Spyware used by governments poses as Firefox, and Mozilla is angry | Ars Technica India, really?
  10. D

    BitLocker Drive Encryption

    Hello Friends, My laptop is not working and the repair guy said it is dead. On my lap I have a drive which is Encrypted with Windows inbuilt BitLocker Drive Encryption tool (Windows 7 Ultimate) and I am not able to access data of that drive. I tried to access data by using my hard-drive as...
  11. G

    Mozilla to Adobe: PDFs don't need no more steenking plugins

    Source Pdf.js Pdf Viewer
  12. A

    Mozilla Browser - youtube problem

    Hello Mates, I having a strange problem in my Mozilla Browser which wont play any you tube videos even in Mozilla safe mode. I tried on Chrome and Opera it works great there but not in Mozilla. The error says : Error Occurred please try again later.
  13. socrates

    Firefox 8 is here

    Latest ver of Firefox is available now Mozilla Firefox Web Browser — Free Download & Thunderbird Mozilla Thunderbird *
  14. socrates

    Mozilla aims for 2012 Boot2Gecko OS release

    Mozilla aims for 2012 Boot2Gecko OS release | News | TechRadar
  15. socrates

    Mozilla sets its site on mobile standardization

  16. K

    Sub menu empty

    Hi Guys, Mozilla Firefox 6.0.2 on Windows XP Home Edition. When we click on the start and then on Mozilla Firefox,there should a sub menu for Mozilla Firefox,But there is no sub menu and there is no SAFE MODE OPTION. Internet speed on using Mozilla Firefox is very slow and problematic. I...
  17. socrates

    Mozilla introduces WebAPI; open standards for a phone experience

    See: Mozilla introduces WebAPI; open standards for a phone experience
  18. K

    Idm troubles

    Hi Guys, I installed IDM TRAIL VERSION ON Windows XP Home Edition. But I uninstalled it from ADD OR REMOVE. But whenever online when on Mozilla Firefox, it asks to install it automatically and frequently by showing a Dialog Box. How to remove it completely?
  19. Vyom

    Mozilla Launched a WebSite to Showcase what Web is Capable of!

    Mozilla have launched a website to showcase the capabilities of Modern Browsers, with examples from HTML5 Games, Designs, Videos and WebGL demos. My most favourite apps are: The Planetarium! Screenshots: Website: * Supported Browsers: Firefox 4 or Chrome 9
  20. Gaurav Bhattacharjee

    Firefox 5 Release Date Set

    [ZDnet] Mozilla Firefox 5 set for 21 June release Source
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