1. patkim

    Looking for Free online storage with FTP access.

    While there are several free & paid cloud storage services available, I am looking for a basic online storage (< 100 MB space is also more than sufficient) but supporting FTP upload. So that I can easily write batch file to automate file upload. Not much concerned on security here as well. Any...
  2. D

    Trouble with Core FTP LE

    I use Core FTP LE for uploading content to website. Of late, I am facing problem with it. I have recently installed Core FTP on Win 8.1 Pro machine. Initially, it was working. But, now it has stopped working properly. Though I can connect FTP server with it, I am unable to upload/download any...
  3. Cyberghost

    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Guide

    What is FTP ? FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a network protocol used to transfer files between two servers on a tcp based network. When talking about torrents FTP is mainly used in combination with seedboxes. You download the files via torrents on the server and connect with a FTP client to...
  4. P

    download a file directly to ftp server via VPS

    hello friends i am new to this VPS and FTP i recently bought a VPS server.. what i want to know is if i mount my FTP server as a local drive on my VPS and then if i download a file directly to FTP server issuing command from the VPS will it count towards my bandwidth of VPS server??? for...
  5. kARTechnology

    Dlink 2750u USB Storage FTP over WAN

    hi guys, I have Dlink 2750u, i connected Transcend 16gb USB drive to it and can can access that via LAN and I've mapped as network drive too :-D speeds are 3MB/s From lan, I can access it from \\\myname Even though I've setup password it does NOT ask for password...
  6. Ironman

    How to Access this FTP Site?

    I want to access the FTP of China University of Science & Technology But i cannot access the link Can any one please tell me a way to access this ftp site using proxy or vpn or anything legal or some grey hat or black hat techniques ? Please...
  7. M

    Download Mozilla FireFox 10 from FTP

    Here are the official FTP links for downloading Firefox 10: For Windows (15.1 MB): ftp://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/releases/10.0/win32/en-US/Firefox%20Setup%2010.0.exe For Mac (31.4 MB)...
  8. indi.anupam

    web hosting site AFMU hacked!?

    I have a couple of websites hosted on AFMU and it looks like someone hacked AFMU entirely!! When checking afmu.com I'm getting this ^H4ck3d^By^Mr.P3rfekT also all of my websites are giving me 403 Forbidden error!! Can anybody confirm this, I can't even access my FTP, now I would be...
  9. rakz

    How do I use my domain to use webpages hosted at an external FTP server ?

    How do I use my domain to use webpages hosted at an external FTP server rather than the one provided by my Domain. Eg: If i buyed domain from BigRock.in and purchased FTP to host files from GoDaddy, how do i do redirect my domain to use the index.html from GoDaddy's FTP
  10. K

    How to configure ftp server on xp

    Hello friends! can anybody tell me How can i configure ftp site in windows xp. I have static IP address for internet connectivity. Please help.
  11. iinfi

    which is the best free online storage facility?

    i have a few gigs of docs to store.. i need a service which offers online storage with data security. i need PC sync or ftp facility also. any free services :) PC sync or ftp is imp. thank you
  12. D

    Free webhost with FTP

    please suggest me a good free wehost which has ftp acces so that i can test my website prior to buying a paid domian.
  13. iinfi

    creating an ftp server .. minor issue

    its been some time since i have done this and now i am facing some issues. i need to create just an anonymous ftp server using vsftpd. # Allow anonymous FTP? (Beware - allowed by default if you comment this out). anonymous_enable=YES anon_root=/ftp/ when i leave the anon_root...
  14. iinfi

    rsync -- cannot sync from ftp site

    i need to sync a file on a desktop (SLED 11) from an ftp server (windows FTP) is it possible to use rsync for the same? sled1:~ # rsync /etc/security/ ssh: Could not resolve hostname ftp: Name or service not known rsync: connection unexpectedly...
  15. S

    How to Setup FTP Server?

    Hello Friends, I want to setup a FTP server on BSNL Dynamic IP Coonection.Plz help me to setup it.I already have a static hostname to point my modem.I just want to configure a FTP server on Windows XP SP3...
  16. anshul

    How Do I know my host server?

    I want to know that does my server support FTP.........if yes which port should I configure my proxy settings of Filezilla so that I can connect to the FTP server and download from there. How................???
  17. cooldudie3

    How to update PHPBB to 3.01?

    I have followed every instruction but I cannot upload from my FTP client. It says it cannot connect. I need some help here and I can also learn to do so later.
  18. ilugd

    Backup software to gzip and upload to ftp.

    Is there any software which can do all of the following? 1. Do backups at specific times daily. Even incremental is not needed. Full backups would be fine. 2. Be able to compress a folder that is specified. 3. Upload to an ftp server by logging in as a specified user. Fwbackups looked...
  19. G

    Need a helper for modying my board

    i * at following instructions, and therefore every single mod i install to my PHPBB 3.0.1(try to install) DOES NOT WORK. i purged my cache (normally, and manually), double checked files, etc . but they dont work I USE PHPBB 3.0.1 so i need help from somebody who knows some php (you dont...
  20. Maverick340

    Website Got Hacked

    I recevied an email today from RSA saying that my server had some fraud pages. I pointed to those pages and it was true. There were fake login pages to Novascotia Bank and Abbey I deleted those pages but am now wondering how was the security breach took palce. Absolutely no one knows my...
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