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Installation of Ubuntu10.10 step by step (for a noob like me)


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Hello guys, I haven't use ubuntu. :sad:I get my CD direct from ubuntu linux . can you guys help me installing it.. :smile:

or if there is any tutorial or any thread of that kinda plz gimme link..

you guys are very supportive and kool I knw

thanks guys


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for a start, just install it through windows(using windows). use it for few days and then if you feel comfortable with it(which you will), install it standalone.

to install it through windows-
1. insert CD.
2. run the wubi installer in the CD (from windows)
3. reboot and u will have a ubuntu boot option. open it and continue...


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Tutorial: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GraphicalInstall

like nims11 said, its better if you install it from windows if you have only one HDD else use a clean HDD (that doesn't have any data in it), disconnect all other HDDs and experiment on Ubuntu. another way to understand partitioning and installation is to try it on a virtual machine first.

Note: I prefer a standalone install over install from windows.
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