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There's a screenshot channel but creating this thread for posting pics related to the stupidity you do in games when you are bored while playing them.

I start with the following-

Was practicing with the controller for hitman absolution. was bored of practicing in King of China town level. so started Streets of Hope. tried various ways to kills all 3 targets.

Killed all 3 with remote detonator several times, then got even bored and killed all cops and brought all the killed people at one spot :p
My mother was watching me do all this. She asked, 'Why do you play such games?' :-D

Threw all these from one of the target's balcony :p

All deads together :p

Hope more people will post their In-Game Stupidity :)


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Hitman Absolution has great trolling potential.
Open fired in the Chinatown level and killed everyone with a machine gun.


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oh wait I have videos of Allu Azad doing a lot of that in Team Fortress 2

till then enjoy Grid : TDF special Burnout Edition

warning : some mature language

also take this, in RC mini racers, you jump off a ramp to land in a dustbin (donno why I did this). Then you drop all the bombs, constantly, till the dustbin is full of bombs. When the explode together, the combined explosive force of all those grenades and the relatively small space in the dustbin means, your car shoots out like a cannonball. It also a great way to get cash, because you get 50000$ each time because of the air time.



GTA V on PS3 Online Mode

Died in a dustbin

Parked a plane on a railway track

Smashed a car so hard, that the cars, wheel came off, driver died and the girl next to the driver came running out and is standing on my left.

Some one Shot my card by a tank
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Here are some 1 or 2 month old pics from GTA 4

There was a couple sitting in car.
suddenly both of them came out of the car and the guy(driver) started beating up the woman :crazy:

GTA 4 - hulk mode + bike, looks funny :D

Again from Hitman. Killed the 2 targets from the start point itself in purist mode & undetected :p
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