Images not displayed sometimes in Firefox

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Images are not displayed in Firefox.
Only some images are displayed.As I type this.The emoticons list is not shown properly.

I tried un-installing Firefox 1.0.4 & I installed 1.0.6 but still it happens.
But all the images are displayed perfectly in IE.

One more problem is that animated gifs don't get animated.But it's animating in IE.
By searching this forum I got to a thread in which it was said to disable ad-blocking in Zone Alarm.I did it but still no use.

Is there any setting in Firefox I should change.


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No dude.. it happen sometimes.. don't worry.. Open the same page after some time, this time it may show up. This happens in other browsers and not only FX. It's not a browser issue, maybe due to your internet connection, when the page don't get fully loaded and the browser stop loading..


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i just faced it and solved it

try changing ur adblock prefrences
N never put a wild card character in the adblock filters



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i face a similar problem of images not displaying in ff ... havent yet found a cure for it ... just view the page in IE , thats wht i do.


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dont use firefox. prefer maxthon. 8)
but just check out if flash content/activex is being allowed. i know it may not be the right answer. but something similar had hapnd to me, and this had helped.
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