1. Alok

    Call of Duty : WWII

    Call of Duty: WWII Developer: SledgeHammer Games Publisher: Activision Release: November 3rd, 2017 (PC) Call of Duty® returns to its roots with Call of Duty®: WWII—a breathtaking experience that redefines World War II for a new gaming generation. Land in Normandy on D-Day and battle across...
  2. J

    PC for medical laboratory

    Kindly suggest me PC configuration for medical lab. Text data and graphs will be stored. No complex images.
  3. G

    Automatic deletion of Data from lenovo A6000?

    Hello, I have Lenovo A6000, its running on latest version of Android and updated, I am getting a strange problem, after some days, whatever images or videos, I stored on the phone memory or in the memory card it gets deleted automatically, some times the images I took with the camera, some time...
  4. saikiasunny

    Using images for blog articles

    Hello digitians after a lot of time consuming site-jumping, i managed to create a Wordpress website. The website is about PC systems and components. Usually recommendations will be posted there. I started the website with monetary benefit in mind. But as i went deeper into this website...
  5. J

    MS Access .mdb issue

    hello guys, I have a MS Access file with .mdb extension, it has images in it . I tried to work around with it but no luck.. the column which has the .jpg files has "Long binary data" written in it will you guys please help me to extract those images out of it ?
  6. ax3

    no images in offline mode ! ! !

    hi, am using firefox 36 ... if i want to re-visit a particular website offline, images dont appear ... they dont get cached ... this problem didnt happen with older versions of FF ... any solution or any1 facing same issue ??? thanx
  7. Nanducob

    Noob Friendly Photo editor [Windows]

    Hi, Looking for a free software,Should be better than MS paint :p . I tried GIMP but its too complicated 4me.Need to overlap images,memes etc Thank You :)
  8. R

    Evleaks retiring !!

    Infamous Twitter leaker @evleaks ceases operation - news
  9. beingGamer

    Sprites Generator

    Hi all, I have some queries regarding creating & selling a software. Background: I have created a software to generate Sprites. This thing not only generates the sprite, it also generates the css to use all the images included inside the sprite. Having all the properties set. so, all you have...
  10. L

    Microsoft XBox 360 Controller - Genuine or Fake

    I ordered a XBox 360 controller from Flipkart and I doubt that it's a fake chinese product. I've never used a XBox controlled so I can't tell for sure. Build quality looks cheap and in-line release is missing. Llights around XBox guide button look odd and force feedback on this unit feels poor...
  11. K

    Finding images on web

    Hey guys , Where can I find hi resolution images related to technology? I need it mainly for my blog and it should not be copyrighted. I have looked through unsplash but I could not find any technology related pics in that. I wan hi res images of laptops , mobiles, and everything else. Where...
  12. S

    Higher Capacity Battery Issue

    I am presently owning a ZTE Blade C V807 with a 1600mAH Stock Battery. But the Battery isn't performing well. Is it possible to get a more Powerful and Long-Lasting Battery to get it compatible with ? Battery has : 1600 mAH(6.0Wh); Nominal Voltage of 3.7V and Charge Voltage of 4.2V. Please do...
  13. J

    image compression

    1)plz get me matlab code for intra prediction of images. 2)wat is the advantage or merits of intra prediction in h.264 over jpeg compression of still images?
  14. G

    Printing Photos

    I went to the Photo lab around & I found they don't print in 16:9 aspect ratio. Most of the photos I took were in that ratio. So I settled on 5 * 7''. I thought I'd re-size the photos myself rather than them cropping to what they like. The guy there told me to keep it 5 * 7 in & a certain...
  15. S

    Why ImageBam not opening?

    Hello friends, I am not able to view full size images on ImageBam and ImgBox. My ISP is BSNL with IP Address: 117.XXX.XXX.XXX Is there any way to view the images or any browser extension available for google crome?
  16. ariftwister

    Software to Sort Images into Landscape and Portrait

    Hi Digitians, Is there any Software/application to Sort IMages into Landscape Images and Portrait Images And also for Batch Renaming images ??. There is lot of Images so manual sorting is not possible!!
  17. gameranand

    Crystal Disk Info Analysis HDD Advice

    Hey guys I install this software and it shows Yellow. Here are the images. Do I need to be worried or something ?? Please do tell me what that yellow color is saying. :)
  18. izzikio_rage

    Any attempters of Microstock or Stock photography?

    Hey people I've been trying my hand at microstock and stock photography for the past few odd months. Was looking for some like minded people, someone who's tried it out or is interested in giving this a shot. You can check out my microstock profiles at Stock Photography: Search Royalty...
  19. R

    software for future - predicted images...

    I wanted to know if ther's any app available which can predict future images of a person.For e.g.-to predict a child's future looks.
  20. H

    What happens when you give 4chan images of the Boston Marathon?

    Based Heisenberg | What happens when you give 4chan images of the Boston Marathon?
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