How to tell the truth to the whole world ? Plz help

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OK, I had to create a new username here (for obvious reasons !). I just couldn't sleep yesterday thinking about it ! Yes, seriously. Please tell me how to reveal this to the whle world without creating any problems.

I would like to share an article (true incident) with the members. I changed the matter slightly, reason-I will explain later. Please be patient and read this fully.

This small boy did a small project (IT related) and got media attention. Eventhough it is not something extraordinary, it was not very simple too, so I agree we should appreciate it. So far so good ..

Now the second part - Boy get about 30 international awards - within two years. All local media and some middle east media publish the news. The boy become the 'new wonder kid' and 'new promise of India'. TV channels cover it. Some media gives importance to the small project but others shows the 30 awards.

I thought I will check it. And guess what ? The 30 awards the boy received are just online awards !!! Basically we need to pay (varies from $10 to $60) to get that. They give these awards to almost everyone apply, some of the awards are just link exchange / results based on simple online test ! Some of you might be knowing it already. But media never try to check the claim.

Third part - The boy get an 'Indian Award' from a top political (VVIP actually) leader for his 'extraordinary talent'. I am sure the other (30 international) awards helped him to get this.

Fourth part - Boy becomes the centre of attraction again ! Becomes the youngest owner of a software company, becomes partner of another, becomes a brand ambassador of other two. Creates more projects - I checked and found that some are simple, good, one website he created is based on a php script and another - which he claim a full portal - copied a lot of images from other sites, takes news from some of the top Indian newspaper sites etc !

Conclusion - I am not jealous of this boy. He is very young, very. He know little bit in IT. But the 'international award' part mislead and confuses a lot. People think it is something given once in an year and only to very talented - on the other hand it is like 'pay and get award' that sites offer every day and no restrictions at all.

I googled, I checked wikipedia, I checked sites. None of the people understand that it is just hype. People write like - 'We are proud of you boy', 'You are a model of all boys of your age'. I think there is a group behind this boy. They might be taking advantage of the fame and trying to get awards like this. Or his parents might be behind it. As he is very young, he is sure not behind this.

What do you think ? How to make people aware that this is just hype and these international online awards are not the same as any 'Bharat Ratna' ? How to bring back the poor boy to his normal track and asking him to do only ethical things ?

Guys, please help !!


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Krazzy Warrior,

I am not a n00b, not even in this forum :)
I am behind this username because of some reasons which I can't explain now.

And the matter is not fun as you thought. If I give you just the name of the boy you will get the full details from google. And you will see how people blindly think it is all true.

Matter is, people around the world now consider the boy as 'The miracle kid'. If they come to know the reality, that may put a bad mark on India too.

Do not joke about the matter. It is not what you think. It is about someone being the centre of attraction with the help of the 'international awards'.


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I'll tell you how to tell everyone bro...

Get yourself a new user ID on a tech Forum and post the complete story incl all details on a Technology Forum, Digit forum?

Oh, Wait...:p

This story makes no sense. I dont remember any such person recently in the news getting any such awards or anyone being hailed as India's new 'wonder' or 'promise' in the popular media...
Web awards may be 'pay and linkback' but it appears that you think everyone else in India is stupid and you are the only wise one. So if some average young techie gets some half-baked web awards, everyone in the country except for you will be deceived by it while only you will know the truth...

What crap!


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Well Anon,

This is very old tactic.

In my profession also there are so many people who try to purchase such kind of awards and they get them presented by so many VVIP (In some cases then honourable President of India / honourable Governor of a State).

This is one kind of marketing gimmick like PMPO is for sound industry and MP is for camera industry.

While outsiders can be astonished of the feat, the insiders very well know what is right and what is not.

What I would suggest is that, if you recall that story about great mathematician of India Ramanuj.

When his class teacher drew a line on blackboard, and then asked to make this line shorter. Every student in the class tried to erase one part of that line to make it shorter.

Only Ramanuj drew a new line just besides the original and drew it bigger that the original teachers line, effectively making teachers line shorter without touching it.

The morale of the story is Dont be Jealous in destructive way but be jealous in constructive way.

If you are jealous / afraid of shining story of that boy, try to polish your self and you will shile better than him. Dont try to malign him and in that way make your hands dirty.

take care.


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Tattoo the truth on your forehead and walk around :p That is about the only way. Or, tattoo the truth that guy's forehead if you can manage it.

Give the guy a break man, must be a lot of hard work to really do all that, if he did. Know a case where some poor chap faked an award from NASA. Showed up on newspapers, then the truth eventually came out. If this is true, it just shows how poor the research of the journalists.

Don't worry too much about it


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comp@ddict, fieldgunner

See, I will explain.

The boy is sure not behind this, as I mentioned, he is too young. So if I start posting everything right now, it may harm his future. He is sure not guilty in this. I mean at his age, he can't do this.

At the same time, the people behind this (may be his parents or some agency taking advantage of the fame) should stop this.

This is what put me in a difficult situation and that is the reason I am not posting much details.

And no, you will not remember it till you hear the 'Exact name' of the boy. Once you hear it, you may not even need google ! No, this is not crap and I am not keeping you in suspense just for the sake of it.

I hope you understand the situation.

And no, I am not the only one knowing the story behind it, but huge majority do not know it, unbelievable rt ? Thats the power of media hype.


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I request the mods /admins to delete the thread.

I am not jealous of anyone. I was just asking advice how to save the boy and show him the right path.

I see the thread goes nowhere, so better stop this.

And I agree with Anorion. Let them face it. Truth will be revealed by somebody else, sooner or later.


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This is a joke...

You say the boys awards etc were covered by the media? It seems all journalists woke up without their brains that day and covered a story of his success without any confirmation or research or independent sources? A little research on google or indian news sites for any such incidence reveals nothing. Either the story is false, or it is highly exaggerated...

Anon, I suggest you forget about that boy.He is only in your idle brain.

Even if he is real, I'm sure there are billions of people who are not honest 100%... do you have a contract to improve them all?

Do your own job to the best of your capability and stop being the moral guardian of others. I'm sure you yourself are also not Mahatma Gandhi/ Gautam Buddha/ Harishchandra yourself as none of us are.
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