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  1. E

    Importing goods from china in bulk

    Hey guys I want to import some goods from china from sites like alibaba in bulk for selling it in india.I want to know what is the procedure of doing it?Is there any way i can avoid getting into the hassles of getting official documents?like a broker or some company who can import stuff for...
  2. detoknight

    Laptop under 25K to buy for Employees

    Usage: primarily for programming. Eclipse. Need the best processing power for this budget, and a decent screen. Was looking at this list: Best budget laptops under Rs. 30,000 (up to June 2013) - Laptops | Laptop | Notebooks Reviews | ThinkDigit Features (May be a little out of date). Also...
  3. A

    Mhtml to pdf converter in bulk

    I have bulk MHTML files and want to convert these files into pdf format. Atleast 100 files should converted at a time as files are in bulk quantity .Is there any such software there? Pls help .thanks in advance .
  4. anagh.k1

    Bulk Online SMS

    Is there any possible way to send bulk online message to 60+ mobiles at once for free? If not available for free please suggest the best premium service.
  5. M

    Nos. 4 Bulk SMS

    This may sound stupid but i really need help/advice!!!! ..... I plan to start a bulk sms service in a small population town ... and i was wondering how to acquire all or maybe half of the phone numbers living in that town to send an ads of some kind.. will the operators be willing to sell this...
  6. M

    Bulk email

    Dear friends, I need to send bulk email to all the email address which i have with me, it is around 15000 email address. please help me how can i send the same in bulk mail with attachment of 4mb file. Thanks in advance Raghavendra Rao
  7. mavihs


    @Mods/Admin @Mods there are lots of members of TD in Delhi who want to buy NZXT Gamma cabby but its not available here. & if we buy it online, its costing us a lot(a 2K cabby is costing 3K here). so i was thinking if we order in Bulk then we can get it for pretty cheap! So is it oky to start a...
  8. R

    Magazine/newspaper retail stores in Ahmedabad and Jaipur?

    Hi! could anybody please tell me good Magazine/newspaper retail stores in Ahmedabad and Jaipur cities? I usually visit these cities and buy magazines from railway station etc. Can you tell me other places. And If they provide discount on bulk purchases please tell me how much percentage (%)...

    Bulk sms providers..

    Frnds I need a bulk sms provider in Delhi NCR for my company promotion. So, plz suggest if you have any idea about it. I need high priority, method of delivery and low rates. If anybody using it or have any idea plz share ur comments.
  10. rohanmathew

    Duplicate clone cd image(ccd) in bulk

    Any one know how to make duplicate clone cd image for bulk duplication.Gear pro not supported. Thanks in advance.
  11. a_to_z123

    Bulk SMS Provider in India

    Friends, My uncle has a coaching centre and he wants to send updates through SMS to all the students about the schedule of the classes and other promotional purposes. I would like to know about some trusted, good and cheap Bulk SMS service providers in India. It is urgent please help!
  12. M

    Help: Bulk Email Sender....

    Dear Friends, I have some 5,00,000 of email id for my website promotion i got it form my vendor. Now I want to send mails to these IDs can anyone suggest me any Bulk e mail sender I tried many but i could not figure it out the SMTP setting of the Yahoo. So please can any one has the idea of...
  13. A

    Registry cleaner for bulk deletion

    Is there any s/w which delete the bulk /all keys at single click based upon search criteria. So many s/w are available which remove the invalid registry. I want like if i enter oracle as a parameter, then it remove each and every entry from regedit wherever "oracle" occurs, whether valid or invalid
  14. arunks

    How to send bulk sms?

    I want to send bulk sms eg. 2000 sms in one go .. What is the cheap option.. Mundusms is offering 6000sms for Rs.900 but only 100 sms can be sent in one go. Airtel sms gateway is too costlier..5000 rs. for 5000 sms.. So is there any other option? is there any other sms gateway or server or...
  15. thewisecrab

    How to buy software in bulk?

    Suppose I'm looking to buy Vista/XP (I doubt whether XP will be available :|) along with Office 2007 for about 20-30 PCs. Do I have to buy individually for every PC? That works out to be really expensive. I think there is a way to buy them in bulk, but still remains relatively cheaper. Is it...
  16. C

    how to create mailing list in gmail?

    if it is possible, plz tell me how to create mailing lists so i can send bulk emails.
  17. windchimes

    Yahoo Bulk Folder missing

    From today morning itself I can't find the Bulk Folder in yahoo.. There is a new makeover for their service..Is it a part of that..??
  18. iamtheone


    http://www.bruceongames.com/2008/02/17/fanboys/ One of the most amusing features of this industry is the fanboys. On every forum they strut their stuff as the world experts on everything. Yet in reality they know very little, just what they glean secondhand from the internet. And they all want...
  19. S

    mobile pc bulk sms..or sms gateway

    our frens in nepal needs to send some sms alerts to clients well options are 1) connect mobile to pc and send bulk sms any good software for it....what can be problem there sms charges are almost like 1 irs with tax 2) use sms gateway....but i could not find one for them cheap...
  20. R

    Haha, Im Happy-- They Say Lean Look is In

    Haha, i always wanted to have THose Big muscles and Stuf.. But.. Haha.. Dint gat time to join the gym!.. 24 Hrz on PC. :P ANd nOw, Im so Happy .. THey say the Lean Look Is in.. SRK, Zyed khan, Akshay kumar. Haha.. and Now.. Readermaniax :D Here are some Tips For u guyz
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