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How to prepare for European trip

Hi folks. My father is assigned with a work trip to Belgium by the month of December(Antwerp to be exact). He asked me to get some ideas like the kind of winter dress that he should buy in advance in India so that he can pack it up(as it will be winter at its best), other travel tips..etc. Can someone shed some light into this.? If someone can point me to some websites where it has details regarding basic dressing during winter, the kind of dresses etc it will be much helpful. Or if you know it for yourself, kindly make me know it..


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Belgium is popular for beers.Tell your dad to have one and he wont need the winter clothes...joking

As far as winter clothes go you only need gloves,jacket and something on your ears.


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Your father will need a pair of thermals (get Jockey thermals), hand gloves, winter jacket.

Since your dad will go in Dec, it'll snow then.

Nothing much to worry about. Europe is a great place. Am sure your dad will enjoy the place :)

And yes, ask your dad to carry full sleeve shirt/t-shirts, and 2 to 3 pairs of jeans.


Thermals, sweaters, a jacket, gloves, ear muffs/ ear plugs or a skull cap should be good.

Sweater can be taken off in the afternoon :)

4 layers should do.

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Ok now i am sure what to buy. Can i get it cheap if i order it online. Any webstores to look out or is it best to go to shops and pick one. Which is preferred.?
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