1. G

    The Past:Gandhis at the blue lagoon

    Idyllic vacation for the Gandhis in the Lakshadweep archipelago : INDIASCOPE - India Today Read the whole article about the vacation by gandhis at lakshadweep. Especially the part about the premier warship INS Virat being used as a personal transport. What kind of republic we were to have our...
  2. B

    Wi-Fi Hotspot or any other device

    Hi Guys My friend has a joint family. In his home the wi-fi router is located in a room which is on the first floor. Now the range of the router does not reach the ground floor. Except using an expensive router which covers more vicinity, is there any kind of device/s which can create Wi-Fi...
  3. adityak469

    How to Clean My Keyboard?

    The title says it all. I have a CM Devastator combo and its getting white day by day due to some kind of dust. I need to clean all my keys thoroughly. ( just the keytops will work if its too risky)
  4. P

    Feedback Required.

    Hello friends, i have started Web hosting Business by the name Total Web Hosting Solutions, Domains, Shared Linux Hosting, WordPress Hosting & Reseller Hosting - HostingFever and want your feedback on it. I need to get your views on following points: 1) Unlimited Plans or Cheap plans with...
  5. P

    My GPU Dying Or What?Huh?

    hey all,here is my problem, got a gtx 650ti 2gb last year which was defective and so the guy at the shop replaced it with 650ti boost 1gb, i have used this card for around 8 months now, but i noticed it gets really dusty and and some screws or whatever got kind of rusted.can i remove rusted...
  6. M

    sbi clerk exam

    how can we pass sbi clerk bank exam? What kind of preparetion should do?
  7. vickybat

    Career plan for my younger brother

    Hello everyone, As the title suggests, i'm kind of worried about my brother who is much younger than me. He's just got promoted to 10th grade and studies at DAV public school in my hometown i.e cuttack. He is a bright boy but very negligent towards his studies. He's not interested in science or...
  8. A

    How do you clean your laptop and keep it dust free ?

    I regularly wipe the screen,keyboard and touchpad with a soft cloth.What are the other measures that can be taken for getting rid of the dust inside the laptop. What kind of cleaning routine do you follow ? Cheers! Abhijit
  9. A

    Netgear Nighthawk R7000, Network Coverage Issue ?

    I am uploading an diagram of my house and the kind of coverage I am getting. Please see and comment ! I am not very happy with this kind of performance from such a costly router.v:-x
  10. nvrmndryo

    Please Suggest Wireless Router .

    Hi , I am using local broadband connection provided by my cable operator .Lan cable direct goes to my pc's Lan port ,I have to manually create broadband connection with automatic settings and Provided Username and Password. Right Now I use Wifi usb adaptor to connect ps3 and my android mobile...
  11. P

    Gaming championships in india like WCG

    Has any one any idea, do we host any kind of Online/cyber gaming championships here...
  12. hansraj

    How to set up networking with server machine for 20 pcs

    Networking gurus need your help!!! I have a 2 years old server machine. My PCs at workplace have increased upto 20. Its almost backbreaking for me to manage them for the operators using them. First I will share my requirements so as to come up with the best solution My Requirement and usage...
  13. A

    760 - 16.5k or R9-270X - 15.5k or 770 - 22k or 280X - 23.5k

    The Amd cards will be bought from india, the 760 and 770 both will be EVGA SC with ACX Cooler [both come with global warranty] and will be bought from the US [Cousin visiting india] I think the 770's 2gb will be limiting soon. SO was kind of leaning towards a 760? EDIT: Also what will be the...
  14. H

    Speakers help!

    Going to buy a new set of 2.1 speakers. Budget is around 2.2k. Have shortlisted: > Edifier M1380 > F&D A510 Which one should I go for? If you guys(/gals) have any other suggestions, feel free to suggest. Need kind of quick reply.
  15. B

    [Complaint] Please avoid OM Secondhand laptops Malad E. (Fraud & Not credible)

    If you are looking for used laptops in Mumbai, Please steer clear of this name. Seems like a fraud at first sight. I was looking for 3~4 used laptops for office use and I reached this person but smelling fishy, did't buy anything . here is my experience- 1) Has ads on OLX, Quickr etc under...
  16. cute.bandar

    Chrome extension ideas needed

    I am kind of bored and thinking of programming a chrome/firefox extension. But am out of ideas . Does anyone have a good one ? Thanks
  17. vrk

    Something Goes Wrong

    Hello everyone , From past few days I don't know what is happening with my old PC. when I play any game or when I run 3-4 application at a same time on my machine suddenly monitor goes off and it shows no signal and PC get stuck(Hang) , I don't have any other option except restarting it. but...
  18. sahil1033

    Crack these, please please please !!

    There are 2 files and it requires to complete a survey, me and one of my friend tried a lot and it's not working for us. Just try if you can crack it, it would so kind of you and when you're done please PM me ASAP, thank you.
  19. sahil1033

    Anyone can crack this, please !!

    There are 2 files and it requires to complete a survey, me and one of my friend tried a lot and it's not working for us. Just try if you can crack it, it would so kind of you and when you're done please PM me ASAP, thank you. *
  20. Mainak23

    Asus HD 7790 Crossfire

    Hi friends.. I am thinking about Asus HD 7790 Crossfire setup.. How will be the performance of this crossfire? is there will be any problem or any issue? Appreciate any kind of help..
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