1. R

    How to prepare for European trip

    Hi folks. My father is assigned with a work trip to Belgium by the month of December(Antwerp to be exact). He asked me to get some ideas like the kind of winter dress that he should buy in advance in India so that he can pack it up(as it will be winter at its best), other travel tips..etc. Can...
  2. GhorMaanas

    CM-Storm Spawn VS Razer DeathAdder

    Hi, was going to order Razer DA Black Edition online, when i spotted the spawn listed there, and was, as always, confused :???: as the title suggests; kindly shed some light people. google failed me on the specifics :neutral: P.S. - am an FPS gamer, using a (moderately) claw-grip.
  3. S

    Love Failure :P

    I know you might have heard many many stories of the same ilk but I really wanted to hear opinions from different kinds of people which is why I'm ranting online so here I go. And please bear with me if this ends up being too long since I'm new to the whole "opening up" thing. Especially online...
  4. sam9s

    Flashing Router E2000

    Has anybody every flashed their router (E2000) specifically with DD-WRT ..??? Just wanted to know if anyone has done that and can shed some light on this.
  5. S

    wordpress w3c validator

    when i checked my blog in w3c validator,the site shows around 20 errors.but i dont know where and how to edit the files in wordpress. can anybody shed some light on it soon?:confused:
  6. T

    Which Are the Best Encrypting softwares in the market??

    Hey friends, please shed some light on downloadable and reliable encrypting softwares.
  7. chicha

    song sung backwards!!!

    there are so many songs which "ppl" say have totally diff meaning if they are sung backwards. hotel california, to name a few. what is all this? any one here agree. please shed some light on this. i am really intrested in stuff like these. starcase to heaven sung backwards
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