How many phones you own ?

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^^ So how many you own

i own nokia N73 , W810i , Moto flip , Nokia 1100 , Moto C168

N73 = Used for everything

W810i = Used as a torch and a little music

Moto flip = used for show off

Moto C168 = used for alarm

Nokia 1100 = thrown

Please post your phone along with usage

(In this way if you have a Moto rockr and somebody is buying a rockr then he can consult you before buying )
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I've only one :(
W580 -> Used for music/video, messaging, e-mail, gaming, browsing, making calls, wakeup alarm, taking photos... (in that order); a bit common now to show off though

Previously owned: LG RD2030 and SE K300i


MOTOROLA MOTOROKR E6- Calling, messaging, listening music
SONY ERICSSON W 700i- Torch, Camera
SONY ERICSSON K 530i- Alarm, web browsing


Only one: Nokia 6020: Used for making calls, alarm, gaming, messaging, browsing, photography (Lol... :D ) in that order..


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W700i (dead)
Samsung C110 (going to die, or i'll kill it soon) Using it to attend emergency calls. Forget even messaging on it (dumb GUI). It makes sound even on silent mode, so cant take it to college :(
I had a Nokia 3230 S60 prior to W700i.

I had no budget to get a new one after W700i fell dead, so sticking with old C110. Goin for a separate music player(Zen V plus or T850) as i already have an 8MP cam. C110's battery lasts less than a few hrs w/o even makin calls. Do Samsung still makes battery for it?
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damn busy...
Nokia 5110i bought 5 yrs ago on 14 august 2003 :D sold away on 17th may 2004
Haier C1000 bot on 1st nov 2006 which i threw in anger and it was smashed to pieces on 27th september 2007 :))
Huawei C2285 bot on 3rd october 2007 got stolen on 9th dec 2007 :( :))
Huawei C2900i bot on 14th december still with me :))

N73 ME bot on 26th march 2008 used 4 evrything :p


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n80internet edition :used by my dad and by me for wifi
k790i:used for everything
2310:for playing bounce
3220:used as paper weight


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currently owns 1/2 day old Nokia N73ME ,Nokia 1600 .
owned brand new K810i which I exchanged yesterday for N73ME! ;) ,Nokia 3310,3315,1100.

also used W810i briefly(a week!).


Be CoOl rAp RuLeZ !!!
after a week i am planning to gift my mother a W230 :D:D
i have became a fan of that phone after listening to it's sound quality for mere 3k
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