1. krates

    How many phones you own ?

    ^^ So how many you own i own nokia N73 , W810i , Moto flip , Nokia 1100 , Moto C168 N73 = Used for everything W810i = Used as a torch and a little music Moto flip = used for show off Moto C168 = used for alarm Nokia 1100 = thrown Please post your phone along with usage (In this way if...
  2. S

    Motorola C168 Or Nokia 2310?

    Friends,I am going to buy my first mobile phone shortly.My budget is around Rs 3000.I have come to know about two models which fall within this budget and also have FM radio in them.They are Motorola C168 and Nokia 2310.So I need your help in deciding which one to go for,considering all the...
  3. S

    how to use wap browser in c168

    Hi friends, I have c168 modal phone and I activated airtel gprs in my phone.But I cant connect a browser.In nokia we press 0 continuously to connect gprs.It always shows connection failed...But I need to know what is the procedure for this mobile.... If it is any setting to be changed or...
  4. A

    Messages from Nokia 2300

    I had a Nokia 2300, have to change my phone Motorola c168. When i c the messages in 2300 i can c 52 messages but in c168 i can c only 24. I guess 2300 has rest messages stored in the phone memory. how to transfer them to the sim ? is that even possible. Suggest what to do... how to go abt it.
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