How many phones you own ?

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I have Nok 6233 for music, Nok 3110c for browsing , Nok 1200 for calls , Sam c200 fro alarm , SE T100 for throwing.....


I have the Nokia N70 & Nokia 2626.

N70 is for regular use..... And 2626 I carry as an additional phone when I am travelling abroad to use with my international SIM card


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I ve Motorola E398+aIRTEL, Huawei C5330+Virgin @ New Delhi
and imate PDAL@Idea,samsung hero@Tata,samsung d900i@BSNL @ Home Town


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Well Krates, I think these types of threads should be in Chit-Chat.....

I own a W890i.....:D Atlast I got that....:D


3 phones,huawai(tata 2 tata free),motorola c168(as fm radio and alarm),sony ericsson k550i(for every thing else)


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Nokia 6600 + 256MB MMC- Browsing Through GPRS; Playing MotoGP,Underground Racer, Delta Force etc :D
Motorola W230 + 1 GB miscroSD - Music; FM Radio; Alarm; Playing Sudoku :)
Nokia 1100 - Backup for adverse conditions ;)
Nokia N73 ME - Keeping in Cupboard as mum won't let me use it :(

Nokia 6600 Recently Display dead :( ::sob:: Dying w/o GPRS access as am out of town and dont have PC. :(
But Recently got Motorola W230 for Music+FM (steal at its price) but externel speaker almost dead as it is exposed and once it got wet, after that sounds too tiny.. ugly?.. whats wrong?.... Dried it for a whole day but still .. wtf!!... anyways im goin offtopic. Sorry


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Just got K790i. Now ive two phones: a K790i and a dead W700i. Sold off the Samsung C110 for 400 bucks.:D

ur avatar is too good.


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Nokia 3500c normal daily usage
Sony k510i still cant stop using it
Nokia 1100 for monsoon season........nothing happens to it even if u swim with it
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