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How Many of Us Uses Pirated/Cracked Software

Do u use pirated software?

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FooBar Guy
pirates1323 said:
Did u know yesterday I bought Windows Server 2003 cd for just Rs.30.............. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: .....its cool 8) 8) :D
Hmmm... Kool.. where do you stay by the way? I have a surprise for you...


In the zone
i got orginal copmaq stamped win xp home... and orginal office xp pro which my mother won in the 'intel teach to the future' programme as a trainer and also publisher 2002...... that suff sux..... i had this pir8 version of office xp which even had frontpage........


Broken In
7% vs 92% ----------------------------

Hi mates

7% vs 92 % , no never Hackers & crackers are the

Opposition leaders in IT . They are not criminals. Please imagine

If they are not in the world --- SATYANASH !!!!!! NO DEMO ,

NO TRIAL , NO BUGS , NO UPDATE , then the IT is only 4


AAdam nahi tho Hawwha kya kam mem aayega ???

" negative " nahi tho " positive " se kya fyda ????

Please think DIGIT "POLICE " and react

THOD dalo JASU BHAI ka gangeerom !!!!!!

Thilak :lol: :lol: :lol:


The No.1 Stupid
well I have never used pirated softwares

but neither have I purchased any original softwares ever

I just borrow original softwares from my friends and return them back.

isnt it cool


In the zone
welli have win xp homesp1(given with my hp laptop.)
now i want to install it on my desktop.
but it just doesnt activate!!!


Cyborg Agent
biplav...it wont activate since the Windows XP given with it is usually customized for the HP laptops. So it might not work properly unless its a full installation CD. And also using a OME version which usually ships with a laptop is legally bound to that laptop and hence cannot be used on any other system.


Only companies and people who want to make money using Softwares should buy it. :)

Others no need to buy.

I use pirated software either it's Full or Retail or Cracked ones. :D

I will never buy a software. :D

I don't even buy Pirated Software. I just Download them. :wink:
Why is it totally acceptable to buy software that crashes when it's doing something that it's advertised as capable of, and when it's used the way it's meant to be used by a qualified operator who understands the user manual?

Would you buy a car that needed an upgrade so the brakes would work 100% of time?

What if cars where like Windows?

:lol: http://www.mcpmag.com/columns/article.asp?EditorialsID=645 :lol:

:lol: http://www.bofunk.com/article/100/if_cars_were_windows.html :lol:

What if Microsoft customer support took over GM's helpline?

:lol: http://www.annoyances.org/exec/show/article09-015 :lol:

So, until software is designed like cars, I'll always ask - Is it worth it? Is there a free alternative?



In the zone
@icekoolz: thanx for the info, but i think its a full installation file.
by the way, i had installed it and did some crack that would keep extending the date evryday by running in the system memory.
that way i was able to run xp home for 2 moths or so.
but once i deleted it from startup manually(havent figured it out y did i do so), all sort of probs came p.
now even if i add this back to the startup entries , still the days kept on reducing.
so i finally called off for it and installed win xp pro.
whooo. wat a relief!


i have no any other pirated software other than windows

who uses original windows ???????????????????????/
thast a costly affair which we cannot afford it


I never used Genuine software in my life. All my software are pirated which I download from Internet, I downloaded Windows Longhorn last week ;D

I can get any software I want and make it full version :D


In the zone
the last i remember was me buying ' NBA LIVE 2001 ' , 5-6 yrs back

b4 that used 2 buy a game every summer , so have original myst n interstate '76

that means my last ' legal ' purchase was a gud half-a-decade back :lol:

after that palika has been my mecca :D

n now have got a nice broad band connection

so the 'leagal' stuff really goes out of the window in this day n age of fast internet
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