1. Flash

    Activists Will Air Drop 100,000 Copies of 'The Interview' Over... Yep, You Guessed It!

    The film North Korea previously labelled an 'act of war' will now be air dropped over the border-locked country en-masse, creating what will surely be history's first ever government-censored rain shower. A coalition of anti-censorship activists - led by the humanitarian group Cinema for Peace...
  2. Cyberghost

    NASA is planning to make water and oxygen on the Moon and Mars by 2020

    NASA is forging ahead with plans to make water, oxygen, and hydrogen on the surface of the Moon and Mars. If we ever want to colonize other planets, it is vital that we find a way of extracting these vital gases and liquids from moons and planets, rather than transporting them from Earth (which...
  3. vickybat

    Honda Turns FCX Clarity Into Generator, Can Power Homes

    I need not say more. Read on guys :) Source
  4. amitabhishek

    Pee power: Hydrogen from urine to fuel cars?

    When you are on the road next time make sure your bladders are full. BTW How will bikers do it :D? Source
  5. S

    Samsung aiming for Water-Powered Cellphones by 2010

  6. T

    High school student builds fusion reactor

    Source http://discovermagazine.com/2007/mar/radioactive-boy-scout
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