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Help with external hdd power adapter


Broken In
Recently I have burnt down my Seagate 1 TB external's power adapter. It was out of warranty. The power output of the adapter is 12v DC 1500 uAMP.
I have searched whole Kolkata but they all are offering 12v 2AMP. I have tried with one but it started 1st time I was able to see all the data, then the status LED on the HDD goes blinking and said I need to format the HDD. I disconnected. One of my friend said that it is due to the power problem if I use right adapter it will work and I have to use a SMPS type power adapter not the TRANSFORMER type.

I need one 12v 1500uAMP SMPS type AC to DC adapter. Can anybody help me with it and will it work flawlessly? I am worried about the format thing.

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