1. M

    Please Suggest me a Wi-Fi Dongle and some questions - HELP

    Hello everyone I would like to use BSNL SIM (3G) with a Wi-Fi Dongle, following are my requirements: 1. I want to use the dongle like this: * - In my room WCDMA network signal is almost NIL, so I will be using it with a adapter...
  2. S

    Issue with asus rt-68u router Need Help!!!

    Hello, I received my asus rt-68u router yesterday from After unboxing i was like bit confused on how to use the power adapter. I dint see any traditional pins on the adapter to be connected on the power socket.. Ill post the images below Just want to know if the pins are...
  3. B

    Wifi stops working all of a sudden

    Hi Guys, In our hp ab522tx laptop the wifi stops working all of a sudden. Only a restart fixes it, if we diagnose the problem via network adapter properties it resets something, but for the same to take place a restart is required. Everything under network adapter in device manager is up to...
  4. M

    Low Cost Replacement Adaptor for HP P077TX Laptop

    Hi, I'm planning to sell my HP Pavilion P077TX.My adapter is faulty,i dont want to spend too much on an original one. Could you please suggest me low cost adapter
  5. J

    Dell s2240l adapter replacement

    My friend's S2240L monitors Adapter went kaput. LITEON PA-1041-71 is the adapter model no which came with the monitor itself. I found one on amazon Liteon pa-1041-71 but it cost 3.2k which is a lot for my friend. And i think it is a US import that is why it cost so much so want something on...
  6. A

    Purchase Advice for Wireless USB Adapter

    Hello, Need to buy Wireless USB Adapter. Searched hard and came to solution that this wifi adapter is good reviews : TP-Link TL-WN722N 150Mbps Wireless USB Adapter Kindly suggest me best Wireless USB Adapter which is fully compatible with linux and supports Monitoring mode and packet...
  7. S

    Suggestion for a decent wireless desktop adapter Network Interface Card under INR 2000

    Hi gadget geeks, I need your help guys.Currently,i am using D-Link Wireless G DWA-510 Desktop Adapter for my desktop(for 7 years).But recently i broke the WiFi antenna of the adapter and now i want a better NIC.I use my internet connection for watching online...
  8. B

    My Dual Monitor setup not working :(

    Since this morning, I tired of this setup. I have 2 AOC monitor without HD, one is LED and other is LCD. Graphic card is HD6300. Now while i am trying to connect my LCD monitor to my graphic card DVI-D port through DVI-D To VGA Adapter, it is not working, not showing anything, monitor keep...

    speaker setup for PC with Bluetooth adapter. m10 vs bookshelf

    Hey guys, I'm looking to set up a 2.1 speaker(or 2.0 or sound bar) system for my PC. I have always used headphones and thought its time to change. Budget 10k I'm looking for something with Bluetooth connectivity, so that i can use my phone as well(Oneplus and spotify) i was set on...
  10. ©mß

    Need help buying laptop charger.

    I lost my laptop charger. My laptop model is 15-r014tu. How do I know which charger/adapter would fit my laptop? I need it ASAP. Customer support sent this in e-mail "For reference, you may also check the below: AC Adapter 65-W EM Smart nPFC, 3 pin, RC 4.5mm connector, 90 degree plug...
  11. V

    Current Coming form MY TP-LINK WR740N

    I am having TP-LINK WR740N the problem is that the power adapter is giving mild current that i cant feel but tester shows it & it goes away when i touch the pin (i.e when the adapter get grounded ) or by connecting wan cable. I tried switching pins (Neutral - Live ) but no changes & i also...
  12. S

    What is wrong with my build ?

    ​Hello folks. My system is working slow for unknown reason, it takes almost 3 minutes to boot-up completely..I used to think it is because of Hard drives which I have connected, But when I tested they weren't causing the slow down.. there are no software bugs since I have tried re-installing...
  13. rohitshakti2

    [Want to Buy] I want wifi adapter

    Hi friends, I am looking for a wifi adapter. If anyone selling, pls PM me the details & price?????? Location: New Delhi. Regards
  14. Vyom

    D-Link DWA 525 (Wireless Adapter) Not Working

    So, I bought this DWA 525 Wireless Adapter about 15 months ago. First of all it's funny that most of the product stops working just after the warranty period. So does this adapter. I tested the adapter under Windows as well as Ubuntu, but doesn't work in both of them. In Windows, it does get...
  15. truegenius

    12v dc (smps) to 15v 12A dc converter or 220v ac suply to 15v 12A dc adapter

    Hey there, i have bought 2 tec-12706 peltier cooling module to use in a cooling project previously i thought that i will use them with smps 12v rail but after some experiment i found that they are consuming 2.5A and 3A at 12v means much lower than their rated 6A ( tec12706 ) and thus cooling...
  16. R

    2 TB Sata III WD HDD to USB 3.0 Ext. Adapter

    Kindly suggest good Ext 3.5' SATA to USB 3.0 Ext adapter [flip kart/amazon /etc] with warranty For some reasons i need to go away from my Home PC for long (work ) , so i need a external SATA to USB 3.0 adapter to connect my 2TB WD Dynamic HDD to usb 3.0 port on laptop for...
  17. Shah

    Cross-Platform Wireless USB Adapter??

    Hi, there I am at present using D-Link DWA123B1 USB Adapter to connect my desktop to my home WiFi network. But, the thing is it doesn't seem to work on Ubuntu/other Linux distros. I have already tried all the workarounds to make it work on Ubuntu. So, I have finally given up and decided to...
  18. I

    Power Adapter for iBall Lappie Piano 423

    Hello everyone. Much against my will, I am compellingly resorted to create a new thread, only for a limited query! :wave: :crazy: I recently purchased a unit of iBall Lappie Piano 423 4 port USB 2.0 hub. I connected two of my Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1TB USB 2.0 portable hard disk drives...
  19. anandharaja

    LAN to WIFI converter

    Hi, i have normal ADSL router from BSNL, now i need a wifi signal to use phones and laptop. is there any adapter available to convert lan to wifi, or i need to purchase the new router?
  20. C

    SSD and BAttery Adaptor for SAMSUNG SERIES 5 NP 550 PC S30IN

    Guys, I have S30in for almost 2 years and its working well and good. I have an idea to 1. Update my laptop with SSD. I have no idea whether its supports or not (I hope it supports). If yes, can i have both SSD and HDD or i can have one at a time? I have searched many threads/websites...
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