1. bssunilreddy

    My Chrome is saying "Not Secure"

    Hai, My Chrome is saying "Not Secure" when I type in digit or any other site in order to log in to that forum or mail. It's like this as below: Is it normal for everybody when they are logging into Digit or any mail id? Please tell me!
  2. G

    How to change NAT type

    Hi guys, A Jio users here.I am use internet for PC using my LYF mobile, works fine - nice speed and all that sh*t.But there are some problems.The strict NAt type ! As any gamer would know, that is bad :( So, do you guys know how to change the NAT type for Jio ? If it doesn't works for the...
  3. patkim

    How to type this in Devnagrai - Google Input Marathi

    I have installed Google Input Marathi to type in Devnagri letters on my Windows 7 PC. Good part is that it's phonetic in nature i.e. you type the Marathi/Hindi pronunciation in English and it converts properly. e.g. typing 'helo' converts it to हेलो However I have a tough time getting to type...
  4. masterkd

    Camera for 15K

    What's your budget? 15K Camera type? DSLR or Point and Shoot Point and Shoot Body Style? Compact or Bridge (bulky) No preference. But I like bridge more. How much zoom do you want/expect? 20X optical Do you care for manual exposure controls? yes What will you be shooting with this camera...
  5. omega44-xt

    Changing NAT type for playing games

    I want to play Rainbow Six Siege with my friends who are at different parts of India. Currently I use internet via my aircel SIM. If I use it for playing the game, the NAT type is shown as strict (via VPN it becomes moderate). Is there a way to change NAT type to open (type 1) ?
  6. garnationpengu

    Headphones for Nexus 6P around 3K

    Got my Nexus 6P in the morning. Suggest me some headphones around 3K even okay with the sports type. should give good bass.
  7. deadnoun

    modern combat 5

    Any tips to modern combat 5. I started playing few days back and feeling bit difficult on controls. Please give any type of tips which would help in future too. Thanks in advance.
  8. aaruni

    [Buying Advice] TV and compatible Audio System

    I need to purchase a new Full HD TV. From the questionnaire, to the best of my knowledge : 1. Budget? Straight from father : "As reasonable as possible" 2. Display type and size? Type: LCD/LED. Not sure which type is good. Size: 30-40 inch 3. Primary use of...
  9. patkim

    What is Plug Type 'EU' - Corsair PSU

    For Corsair PSU e.g. VS Series VS450 450 Watt Power Supply (EU Plug) and also in its detailed specs say <here >it mentions 'Plug Type' as 'EU' What does that EU actually mean? Can anyone clarify please. Thx.
  10. dashang

    need help in kendo Multiselect

    here is the reference Example of Server filtering in Kendo UI MultiSelect widget Now the thing is i want to add selected item after its being loaded . Since the data source is remote (acts like autocomplete) ,i cant attach it directly <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <base...
  11. S

    looking for inear type of earphones for my moto g 2014

    hi all, i am on the lookout for an in ear type of earphones for my moto g 2014. it should have a mic along with a button with which i can skip or go to previous tracks and also play and pause. I have used a number of earphones in the past with a mic and button but it simply wont let me change...
  12. S

    BSNL BroadBand guy told me to buy a router. I have no idea what/where to look?

    Me and my friend needed a BB connection. So we got the land-line first. Now for the BB, the lineman told me to buy a router of TYPE 2 (wut). What is this type 2 and plz recommend me a good router on Flipkart . NO BUDGET LIMITATION. Do i need to buy anything else like a modem or is it...
  13. A

    Need Phone for a Friend Asap- Budget 15k Max

    1. Budget? :- 15k max 2. Display type and size? Best display in the budget.Size <= 5 .5 3. Dual sim? Yup 4. Preferred choice of brand? Is xiaomi/micromax/asus are risky ?regarding ASS n stuff? 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Primary n secondary both...
  14. sandynator

    Cheapest 3G mobile phone with WiFi Hotspot Feature

    Guys my Asus Zenfone 5 is in service centre for screen replacement & in such situations I need to get a spare phone which could have 3G with WiFi Hotspot feature. No flashy features required & bar type phone is most preferred. Filling up the questionnaire now... 1. Budget? A: As low as...
  15. RCuber

    Budget Mobile for Mom ~6-10K

    1. Budget? 6-10K 2. Display type and size? <4.7" 3. Dual sim? Not needed, but will be a nice addition. 4. Preferred choice of brand? Nokia, LG, ASUS or others 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing camera)? Good camera required, flash not compulsary...
  16. flyingcow

    Earphones for 1.5-2.5k

    want good earphones for around 2k, any kind will do, music- no specific type, any the best iem around this pice category, thanks :)
  17. 1

    Post your travel experiences here. (Out of india mostly)

    Some joker has closed this thread *www.digit.in/forum/random-news/189594-india-obama-visit-yes-we-scan.html That's why I am inviting you all to share your experiences in traveling abroad especially. Even if its within the states of india, you are eligible to post it. I mean what type of...
  18. B

    Default Want to Buy a Point and Shoot Camera (Fixed Lens-SLR Type(Bridge)) Upto 20K-Please Suggest

    What's your budget? ---- 15-20 k Camera type? DSLR or Point and Shoot ---- Point and Shoot (Bridge Type / even compact is good if it comes with same features as Bridge Type) Body Style? Compact or Bridge (bulky) --- should be comfortable to handle How much zoom do you want/expect...
  19. A

    3G Sim Portable Router

    Please suggest a 3G Sim Portable Router, self powered (i.e. wall charger type not with an inbuilt battery)
  20. Tejo

    In ear type headset under 3k

    I was using Cowon EM1 and was very much satisfied with it, but had to give it to my sister. Now I need to buy a new one. I mostly use it for listening to music, but I want to use it for calls too (thats why headset and not headphone). I am basically a bass lover, but need a balanced sound. EM1...
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