1. H

    Best phone in between price tag of Rs.8k to Rs.13k

    Hi to all digitians, I want to buy phone a phone within 3months. My major work will be internet(whatsapp+facebook are the major uses) and play games like gta san andreas, vice city gta III, dead space, asphalt 8 etc. i dono need high end graphics in my game medium graphics will suffice with gud...
  2. jackal_79

    Old Hindi songs!

    Hi, i don't know were else to post this. I am searching for old Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil mp3 songs(preferably in 320 kbps). Flyte was my major source. but now it is shutdown. Any help in this search would be deeply appreciated.
  3. T

    Intel scores major win in new Samsung Galaxy tablet: Source

  4. R

    [ISSUE] Micromax A116 Canvas HD - Headphones compatibilty problem

    So, guys, I bought the new Canvas HD (Micromax A116) ... Everything is very well exceeding my expectations except two issues (one minor, one major) Minor - GPS has problems latching onto a satellite. Can be fixed with some booster apps, I guess. There are youtube videos out there explaining the...
  5. sumit_anand

    CES 2013: A quick update on the major launches

    Hey, I came across a nice article on engadget about the major launches at the CES 2013 by all the brands so just thought of sharing it with you so that we can have a nice discussion about all the major launches. Here comes the URL CES 2013: HDTV and connected devices roundup
  6. banskt

    Need new tablet below 15k with at least 2mp rear camera, Android 4.0, Google play

    I am looking for a tablet below 15k, with the following must haves- 1) at least 2mp rear camera, with autofocus 2) at least Android 4.0 3) Google Play is a must 4) stable 3G / Wifi connection (preferably both) 4) Display is a major concern 5) Battery life is a major concern I am NOT bothered...
  7. T

    CPU Bottlenecking

    Hi, I have a MSI GTX 560 Ti (Twin Frozr II edition) card. My current CPU is a classic Core2Quad Q6600 overclocked at 3.0 Ghz. I understand my GPU is getting bottlenecked , but how bad is it? Will there be a major jump in GPU performance if I switch to say... a i5-3570k processor?
  8. O

    Good laptop for Rs. 45000 or less

    Hi, suggest me a good laptop for me. Budget? - 45000 Rs. What size & weight would you prefer? - at least 15 inch screen. Weight not a issue. Brands preference - None (Any brand will do). Primary tasks : - software that might be useful while studying for CCNA, Movies and some light gaming...
  9. moshel

    [Want to Buy] MP3 Player

    Dear friends If anyone has a spare mp3 player available and want to sell, please let me know. MP3 player from major brands only please. First preference for a player with a clip...Shuffle, Clip, pebble..etc...smaller the better.. Atleast 4 gb memory Age of the player is no concern but it...
  10. gulati.ishank

    laptop suggestion 50k

    1) What is your budget? <50k 2) What size notebook would you prefer? 15" - 16" screen 3) Are there any brands that you prefer or any you really don't like? Any brand but it should have a good customer support. 4) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook...
  11. U

    Should I exchange iphone 3gs 32gb with nokia n8+2800??

    What say guys.. Anyone who has used both the devices?? I dont use a lot of apps.. Few games and few useful app is all i need.. My major concern is battery life.. How does n8's battery life compare with 3gs's?? How much improvement does the latest anna and belle update bring to the user experience?
  12. T

    help to choose btw......

    hi guys i have a small doubt u got to clear Actually i had in my mind to get a new mobo like a Gigabyte 78LMT or Asus M4A78LTM but till then my graphic card got smoked and it is for RMA (Sapphire HD 5670) the guy and the service center has offer me a 6750 if i pay extra 1200 so should i go for...
  13. socrates

    Major security issue discovered in latest HTC Android devices

    A major security vulnerability has been discovered in recent HTC Android phones that would make the recent location tracking issue in iOS seem trivial in comparison. * :shock:
  14. K

    Browsers War

    Today-9 Mar 2011- Google released its Chrome 10. A few weeks ago MS released IE 9. Firefox's 4 beta is already doing the rounds. The Point is : Everyone is claiming their browser to be faster, more secure etc. Though I have all the 4 major browsers I don't see TOO MUCH DIFFERENCE. Can any user...
  15. T

    Which is the best printer ?

    i want to buy a printer which includes print , copy, scan, fax for a budget of Rs 6000. It would be good if i could be able to print photos but that is not a major requirement. Any suggestions ? Thanx
  16. VarDOS

    iPod Touch 4th Generation Drawbacks

    Its a while we are using iPod Touch 4G, we have found some of the following CON’s from the new genaration. Major drawback occurred in the 8GB version, due to iOS4.2 the internal memory available is only 6GB which is not enough for Music, Videos & The MAJOR (HD Recording); HD Recording...
  17. S

    Major Project

    I want to have some suggestions on major project topic. I dont want to make any web based or windows based application since both are very common. Please suggest some good project topic in Computer Science and IT. Thanks in advance
  18. soumya

    Microsoft roadmap puts Windows 8 in 2012

    Microsoft should once again release its next mainstream version of Windows about three years after the last, a roadmap obtained this week reveals. The schedule has the major revision, tentatively titled "Windows 8," launching in 2012 or about three years after Windows 7. It will purportedly keep...
  19. iinfi

    voter's voice: TOP TWO

    i dont mean to start useless threads. just wanted to show how smart a humble farmer can be, without probably studying in any top schools in the country. 'I want to slog, earn and eat. I don't need freebies' and another fellow whom we can look to follow probably from the forthcoming...
  20. desiibond

    Windows 7: You Can Disable Every Major Feature

    Some major applications among the long list of features that you can disable are: - All Windows games - Internet Explorer 8 - Indexing services - .NET framework - Windows DVD Maker - Windows Media Player Despite the tool, users will not be able to configure much of Windows 7 during the...
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