1. abhi_10_20

    My rig's power related queries - need new PC UPS?

    People, I had been using my system till now with no probs. But am smelling something fishy here. Feel free to bash me anywhere! PSU is FSP Saga II - 500 W My sys has GTX 660 - which has a minimum power req of 450 W I had been using APC Back-UPS ES 500 which outputs 300 Watts / 500 VA ( !!!!! )...
  2. rezurect007

    PC benchmarking?

    I looking for bench marking tool for a basic home PC(not for gaming). Looking for a general score or overall score and not only the CPU score. Found : NovaBench and SiSoft Sandra. Havent run tests yet. Plz suggest other popular benchmarking tools. Not sure whether 3Dmark, Sys mark are...
  3. antani_90

    Help me identify the prob....motherboard?

    hai guys i'm confused about wat is going on in my sys... my sys specs, intel c2d e7200, asus p5qpl-am, 500gb hdd, 2gb ddr2 667mhz ram, msi hd 4870. my sys is not shutting down when i give shutdown instead it just restarts...i thought the prob is in ram and bought a corsair xms2 2gb 800mhz...
  4. A

    System Boot Error

    hi techies......... guys, i'm facing a problem with my system durin booting.sometimes it jst stays blank with a horizontal cursor on top left corner of screen after showing up the boot continues lik that for sveral minutes n then it shows hard disk read error.i...
  5. piyush.ml20

    help needed in booting xp 4m usb drive

    help plz in booting xp 4m pen drive. i m using iball 2 gb pen drive n use bartpe 2 boot from usb. but i m gettn err "remove disks or other media" upon sys startup. my sys config is amd athlon x2 dual core 5200+ with asus m2npv-vm mobo. hlp !!!
  6. escape7

    Need Help with Widescreen Monitor

    The monitor says. "for optimal display, change resolution to 1360x768". How do i do it? couldn't find custom settings anywhere. Sys: OS-Win XP. P4, 1280MB RAM.
  7. Arnab boss

    Help me with my psu...'

    Guys my friend has rig with following hardwares....' Asus m3a 78 t.. Amd 5600 + 2*2 gb zion ram 800mhz 500 gb hdd 2 opt drives lg & asus light scribe.. Gpu xfx 9600 gt... Case cm 690...' He has a psu of zebronics 600 w platinum series which he bought 2 month ago...,now today in...
  8. davinci

    HELP Urgent!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I hav recently(abt 2-3months) assembled a new sys but suddenly 2day my sys is not booting.After a lot of messing around with it I finally found that the culprit is my new Seagate 500gb HDD.I found that the HDD is not recognised thought other SATA drives are shown in the BIOS menu and also my old...
  9. V

    Help.FIREFOX in trouble!!

    The prob is with firefox3.It doesnt "START AT ALL" and "doesnt send the crash report to the mozilla app vendor".The actual scene is: :arrow:My system was fine till one day i installed webgraphics which enables smileys n other stuff.Then again I installed Oracle isql in my sys. My sys got a...
  10. R

    SATA in Intel Motherboard

    I've intel DG31PR motherboard, i cant install windows xp or vista in SATA/IDE native mode setting. i gotta change it to legacy mode to get it installed. I had an amd based sys before in which i could load the sata drivers from a floppy. I searched in the motherboard cd and the intel website for...
  11. N

    Linux support Mobos

    Hello frnds I want mobos(especially p35) on which Linux(preferably Ubuntu) can be installed without promblem. Iam a novice in Linux. But i ran KNOPPIX & UBUNTU Live CD on my old Sys. Now iam buying new Sys. But i heard that some Mobos cant run Linux Properly. like some JMicron bug. Something...
  12. shift

    internet in 2 sys without router or modem

    guys, how to share internet without router? my sys has 2 lan port, 1 connected to internet through BX220 modem or 1 to other sys through lan can the other system connect to internet using my sys through lan? ( since i dnt have router or switch) if so, please tell me thanks in advance i...
  13. Zangetsu

    problem in XP Pro

    I got a weired problem in my OS :mad: 1) The "Folder Options..." is not visible in Tools option 2) And also the TaskManager when i right clic on the taskbar & select taskmanager a msg pops up "the taskmanager is diabled by the sys admin" but I m the only admin with my account only Is it a...
  14. sravan

    Folders not seen

    Hidden folders are not seen in my sys. My os is xp sp2 I tried in folder options but nothing happens Help me...........
  15. sravan


    My motherboard doesn't have Ethernet port. How do I connect my sys in LAN?
  16. sravan

    Internet sharing

    I have a Youtele cable internet connection I want to share it between 2 sys Is it possible with using any switch or hub?
  17. sravan

    what games will run?

    I hav a comp with the following config 1.256 MB RAM, Celeron D processor 2.44Ghz 845 chipset 64MBVRAM. This sys do not hav ny gfx card Can any tell the kind of games that can be played in this sys?
  18. shift

    Airtel Internet connection in 2 sys

    hi guys, i have a new Airtel Internet Connection (384kbps)..... the problem is...........i have 2 sys and i want to use it in both sys....... what does it require to split the connection in 2? Can i use ordinary HUB or ROUTER? And how much it costs? Airtel dnt provide either HUB or...
  19. P

    Booting & formating problem

    My sys AMD 64x2 5200+,AsusM2NPV-VM,XFX 8600GT,! GB RAM,160 SATA,Samsung TFT.OS is XP on drive C:Few days back Debian installed in drive F:.But Debian failed to detect monitor at the end of installation process.On OS booting screen, XP (as other operating sys) starts normally (within 30 sec),but...
  20. K

    I want to overlock my system

    Hi I want to overlock my sys pls help me I am having sys config as: AMD ATHLON 64 2800+ (1.80 GHz) ASUS K8S-MX 512 MB RAM ( DDR 400 ) PS 300W I am currently overlocked my sys and now my sys shows AMD ATHLON 64 2800+ (2.12 GHz) can I change my multiplier from 9x to 9.5x? will...
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