1. adityak469

    Positive Experience Bought a Bajaj Flashy Heater

    So once again snapdeal lives unto my expectations. Ordered a hearer from a 5 star seller on snapdeal, it was shipped in 2 days and took another 2 to reach me. It was packedquite good enough and no damage was done to it. Inside the warranty card was all signed. The heater works flawlessly and...
  2. A

    Help me in choosing a room heater

    Hi digitans, I am looking to buy a room heater in budget range. I don't need very powerful heater, a moderate one is enough. For rainy nights and on winter. As this is my first buy and my budget is in the lower end I wish to buy it @ around 2K, the lower the better. My concerns,1) what are...
  3. ajayritik

    Immersion Heater Vs Geyser

    I have been using Immersion Heater for quite some time now. Was thinking about purchasing a Geyser. But I heard Geyser consumes lot of electricity hence postponing the plan to buy it. However wanted your opinions/advice on whether I should continue with Immersion heater or go for Geyser. It...
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