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Hi Friends

I have a Bsnl Dataone broadband (HOME 500)connection with UT300R2U ADSL modem supplied by bsnl on rent.Now the problem is i have 2 computers in home and with this stupid modem with just one Lan Port it isn't possible to Connect both computers at the same time therefore I want to buy an new modem from Dlink or any good company with atleast 4 lan ports and ADSL+2 technology and the all the latest features and very high speeds.

Therefore I request you to please give me Model No and Price of the required product

I don't want Wireless Modem
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Your speed won't increase anymore than what you already get.

If you have both a LAN and a USB port you can use them both simultaneously to connect both the computers.

About DLink, wait for others to suggest, I hardly have an idea.
Router (which u refer as Modem)--- D-Link or Huawei...both are great..
But wait, why do u want to Invest on a new Router..
Simply get a Hub or Switch..a 8-port Hub or Switch will cost arnd 500-600 bucks,or even less...and U can connect 8 computers on same connection.
and speed wont increase at all...

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Speed doesn't depend on the modem, so it wont increase by changing the modem. As for the second post, even if you have usb and lan both, you wont be able to connect two computers, it will show something like "the device you are trying to connect to is already in use". And for a new modem, i would suggest you get it from BSNL itself. Their model costs something like Rs. 1800 and is the best choice for dataone (as they don't know anything about any other modem, so they wont be able to help you if you buy a modem from outside.)
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