1. Ssangeet

    Best Speaker for desktop under 2000 INR

    Main purpose is gaming & video editing. Also i am not sure why YOUTUBE has most of the video with title home theater. & is the increase in budget really significantly change the experience ?
  2. TheProfessor1987

    Best Speaker in the 20K Range? HiVi Swans M200A Review

    Hello Friends! I am sharing my impressions regarding the recently launched HiVi Swans M200A Multimedia Speakers. I think that I am among the first few people in India who’ve had a chance to review this model. In a way, I consider myself to be fortunate but there’s also a certain sense of...
  3. S

    [Query] Logitech Speaker Out of warranty repair in kolkata

    Dear Guys, I have a logitech Z523 speaker but its sound doesn't come out but power on.i think due to cable damage some internal fault may be happen.But its out of warranty.i contact kolkata logitech service center but they denied to take out of warranty product. then suggest where it...
  4. R

    I want a 2.1ch speaker system under 3000rs

    Suggest me 2.1 speaker under 3k. Bass control knob wanted.
  5. S

    Sound system under Rs 10000.

    Please help me to buy a speaker system for my living room to listen music(mainly old melodies, gazals and semi classical) only. I have a 4.1 HT but it's sound or bass is not clear or perfect.So, I want clear sound and perfect bass even in very low volume. I am confused between floor standing...
  6. X

    Need help in buying two 5.1 channel speaker system / ht system

    Hi all! Need help again. :( I have to buy two true 5.1 channel surround speaker system to use with TV / Console / PC and Mobile via bluetooth. Most of the times it will be gaming and music. Treble, Mid and Bass should be good. I don't want boomy or overpowering bass cause I'm not into that...
  7. Ronnie11

    2.1 Speakers for a budget of 10000/-

    Hey Guys, My Klipsch Pro media speakers sub woofer finally gave away and i am unable to repair the speakers. Although very unfortunate, it leaves me no choice but to look for a new 2.1 speaker system. I am looking for speakers similar to klipsch pro media. I would have bought the klipsch...
  8. R

    Advise for Speaker System

    Heyy Everyone, Need a bit of suggestion. I am planning to by a Speaker system within a budget of 20K. Must be able to connect to TV (HDMI / optical/ coaxial or 3.5 mm auxiliary connections) and bluetooth. Looks for a some good options. I zeroed into a few devices but still need feedback /...
  9. A

    Afordable bluetooth dongle for Laptop

    Require for my windows 10 lappie,i have no installed bluetooth capability.want a cheap device which can play music from my lappie to my bluetooth speaker within the house or lest say the next room.something which is usb type
  10. paroh

    Required Good Bluetooth speaker

    Required Good Bluetooth speaker. But not more than Rs. 2500 please guide me about it.
  11. S

    Budget Speaker for VU LED TV 40 Inch Model

    Dear Friends, Pls suggest me a good reliable Budget Speaker for VU LED TV 40 Inch Model. I recently purchased following TV from Flipkart: Vu 102cm (40) Full HD LED TV. Buy Vu 102cm (40) Full HD LED TV Online with BBD Offers! at best Prices In India While the TV looks ok has been 1 day s...
  12. V

    Need Portable speaker with good bass.. Budget is around 6k

    Hi guys, I am looking for a portable speaker (preferably with Bluetooth functionality ). My budget is around 6k. I have looked at portronics, JBL, Sony etc.. I am confused which one to choose and really need help.. Thanks a lot in advance :)
  13. A

    Help for my project on Light Fidelity

    I am a 15 year old student in tenth grade, from India. I have been trying to make a project on Light Fidelity for a science event in my school. I decided to start simple, and transmitted the audio signal from a pocket radio to a mono speaker. This is how I did it. I connected a stereo jack...
  14. quicky008

    Selecting a decent 2.1 speaker with rich bass output within 4.5k

    I'm interested in buying a decent 2.1 speaker system for my pc primarily for listening to music-currently i have a set of creative speakers which are not capable of producing deep,punchy bass-therefore i'd like to replace them with another system which has reasonably powerful bass output that...
  15. shreeux

    Need Urgent Suggestions Creative T3130 not Working?

    In my Creative T3130 Speaker playing only right side only..Left side speaker not working..After some research i was bought extension cable for 3.5mm jack. while inserting jack left speaker was working and inserting fully right was working and left was not working..Need suggestions..Also cut...
  16. A

    Speaker Setup for my laptop

    Hey guys I wanted to ask for your advice on connecting speakers to my laptop. I have two laptops, two Sony SA D10 4.1 speakers, Creative 2.1 speakers, and a corseca bluetooth speaker. Now what I want to do is connect one Sony system and creative speaker system to one laptop at the same time...
  17. M

    Bluetooth Speaker around 4000Rs

    First of all. I am sorry to post in the mobile section but I could not find any other forum closely related. I want to buy a bluetooth speaker for around 4000Rs and the ones which ship to my location (190001), I have narrowed it down to Jabra Solemate(not mini) and Zoook Armor XL. I know how...
  18. H

    Home Theater System : Budget 30K

    Hi All, I am planning to buy a home theater system. My budget is 30K max. I am looking it to buy for movies and mostly music. The key features I want is something below: Bluetooth - essentially required Miracast Wireless speakers recommended Tallboy I narrowed down to Philips HTB...
  19. A

    Bluetooth Speaker for <3k

    I'm looking for a Bluetooth speaker for below 3k. I would prefer if the speaker is cheaper. 2 or 2.1 channel output, (or 1.1 not sure if something like that is available). Call feature is not required, just a plain bluetooth speaker for music would be good enough. My list is: Logitech X100...
  20. K

    IPS Monitor Suggestion

    Hey, I need a good monitor within 20,000 INR. Confused between 27 and 24 inch. PPI for 27 inch seems to an issue. These the choices : 1. LG 27MP77HM - 27 inch - With Speaker - 20k 2. LG 24MP77HM - 24 inch - With Speaker - 14k 3. AOC I2769VM - 27 inch - With Speaker - 16k 4. Dell...
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