1. A

    Help for my project on Light Fidelity

    I am a 15 year old student in tenth grade, from India. I have been trying to make a project on Light Fidelity for a science event in my school. I decided to start simple, and transmitted the audio signal from a pocket radio to a mono speaker. This is how I did it. I connected a stereo jack...
  2. C

    Sony xb30ex Jack repair?

    I bought a Sony Xb30ex in early 2013 and It "broke" in early 2014 ,I get sound from only one channel and it's Jack needs to be "twisted" gently to a certain angle to get sound from both Channels. Question: I've a old Samsung earphone(with mic) laying around which has three wires, BLACK...
  3. shreeux

    Need Urgent Suggestions Creative T3130 not Working?

    In my Creative T3130 Speaker playing only right side only..Left side speaker not working..After some research i was bought extension cable for 3.5mm jack. while inserting jack left speaker was working and inserting fully right was working and left was not working..Need suggestions..Also cut...
  4. H

    How to setup router for PPPOE net connection?

    Hi, I earlier had Tikona wireless connection,wherein i had a receiver on my terrace and from that receiver i had given input to my router D-link AC750 Dir 803 wifi router. Now i subscribed to new local internet, the guy has given me a cable whose end point is an rj-45 jack. The jack has...
  5. IronCruz

    Rear Pink jack not working!

    Guys bought new Philips SHM 1900 Headphone with mic. Worked perfectly on Laptop. But i wanted it for Desktop. I plugged in the rear. Speaker i.e Green Jack is proper. But i have connected my mic to pink one and it isn't working. Not even getting detected, no pop-up balloon. My Motherboard is...
  6. M

    How to install kali linux in asus vivobook f202e

    how do I install kali linux in asus vivobook f202e? the specs are Processor : Intel® Core™ i3 3217U 3M, 1.8 GHz Processor Operating System : Windows 8 Memory: DDR3 1333 MHz SDRAM, 4 GB Display: 11.6" 4:3 Glare panel Graphic: integrated Intel® HD Graphics 4000 Storage : 500GB HDD 5400 RPM...
  7. gohan89

    Need 2.1 Speaker set under 1.6k with wired controller having headphone jack!!!

    I have a Logitech X-210 since 2008 and I have been a huge fan of it.It is very convenient since it has a wired volume controller with a 3.5mm headphone jack in the controller. Now it is facing popping sounds and I have tried everything from uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers,taking the...
  8. patkim

    3.5pi 4 pole stereo jack

    Hi Friends, I was referring to samsung Tab T311 specs where it says earjack 3.5pi 4 pole stereo. I was slightly confused with this term as sansung person says 4 pole is their audio technology. does 4 pole mean 4 pins on 3.5 mm jack that includes L + R + Gnd + MIC In? would a standard stereo...
  9. Chetan1991


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  10. sanny16

    portable speakers

    Suggest me a good portable speaker under 1k or 1.5k. It should have a usb for charging and a wire for 3.5 mm jack. I should be able to play songs through mobile, laptop and desktop.
  11. sanny16

    portable speakers

    Suggest me a good portable speaker under 1k. It should have a usb for charging and a wire for 3.5 mm jack. I should be able to play songs through mobile, laptop and desktop.
  12. S

    Laptop Headset to Mobile Coverter???

    Hello guys.. Anybody knows how can I convert my laptop headset having 2 jack (i.e one for earphone and another for mic) to 1 jack for my mobile so that both functions will work in mobile too. I am sure there would be some adapter for it. Can anybody provide me with link to such item(Can...
  13. M

    Input Jack blocked

    i am having gigabyte b75m d3h mobo. i inserted a jack in input jack at back of the board and that jack got broken inside the jack and now i am not able to connect other pin in it. any solutions?
  14. avichandana20000

    LAPTOP sound through handsfree

    my friend has a laptop of HP with MODEL HP PAVILLION G SERIES 1312TU. Normal Speaker sound is good. But when i am inserting the nokia phone handsfree of 3.5mm jack on its left side the sound is like through water. When i insert it halfway it is coming perfect but problem is that I NEED TO...
  15. reddick

    MMC Jack 'Locked' when inserted in Laptop slot .

    Hi Friends! As I've mentioned tht whenever I try to place d MMC jack, along with MMC, into Laptop , it gets locked automatically even if I did not lock it manually ... Due to which I'm unable to use Memory Card :( Please tell me how to avoid this ... Thanks a lot :neutral:
  16. V

    connection hadphone TV digsital output optical

    Now I have connected my headphone to 3.5 mm jack at the back of TV samsung LA46D550 46" someody suggested taht I can get a cable with RCA 2 pins one side and 3.5mm hack female othr side and connect one of the pins of RCA pin to digital ouput opitcal and the head phone to 3.5 mm jack end of...
  17. M

    Wifi for Cable Internet

    I have a Cable Internet connection from a nearby cable Operator. Please Tell me whether I can setup a WIFI router in my home. Budget : 1.5-2 K the wire (with the RJ 45 jack plugs in directly to my MOBO's LAN Jack. Will WIFI work when my PC is shut off ??
  18. J

    asus xonar dg problem

    hi i brought new asus xonar dg after install when i plug my 2.1 speakers the jack detention is not found the sound is not coming in asus xonar dg..... plug all the jack but not Automatic jack-sensing please help curently using onboard audio
  19. D

    How has Internet influenced your life ?

    Besides some time wasting $hit, lolcats etc.. internet did influence my life a bit in positive way.. lemmi share some of the best things i've come across. 1. Today you... tomorrow me Couple of years back, i've found this comment on a askreddit thread.. this was posted by reddit user rhoner...
  20. R

    USB Versus 3.5MM Jack Headphones !

    Hi TDF, I'm planning to get a gaming headset. Budget Approx 4K. Should I go for 3.5mm Jack or USB Headphones. Whats the difference ? Well if it was 3.5mm could use on phones ! But Quality and Sound Clarity matters ! Prefer a Mic too ! Your Expertise needed here in Understanding 3.5MM vs USB !
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