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Help buying Motherboard


Right off the assembly line
My friend is going for an i5 760. Hes not intending to buy a video card so he needs one with integrated graphics. so any suggestions for a H55 model under 4k.

same case with another friend but hes getting a core i3 530. same price cap


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H55 motherboard with a i5 750 won't yield any graphics. he must use a i3 or i5 6** as i3 & selected i5 models have on die graphics core & H55 have the Video outs (DVI & HDMI).


Right off the assembly line
Damn, i just realized that...
gonna tell him to take a core i5 650

so which is a good h55 mobo under 5k (preferably gigabyte or asus, cause service centres are nearby)
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