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    help me in choosing

    I am planning to buy a new digital camera meant for general photography during the family get togethers and other family photos. I am have homed down to two cameras- canon SX130 and Sony H55. Tell me which one to go for?
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    Sony WX1 or H55?

    Sony WX1 or H55 or Casio EX-H15? My budget is 15K max and I want a compact digcam for Outdoor travel purpose. I have shortlisted H55, WX1, Casio EX-H15. But now I am confused. When is H55 preferable over WX1? All I know is that WX1 is better for low light. But since the price of both is...
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    Please suggest me the better option - Nokia N8 or Nokia C7 + Sony DSC H55

    I want to buy a good music phone with excellent camera capabilties , i am confused with N8 and C7+SONY H55. Can N8 beat the combination of C7 and H55. Does N8 have Optical zoom .
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    Help buying Motherboard

    My friend is going for an i5 760. Hes not intending to buy a video card so he needs one with integrated graphics. so any suggestions for a H55 model under 4k. same case with another friend but hes getting a core i3 530. same price cap
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