HDMI : Worth the price?


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This is more so a discussion. Is HDMI really worth the buy(esp. for Monitors), or DVI works fine.


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yes. DVI should work but the advantage with HDMI is when you connect the video device to a TV. it reduces the clutter as audio and video is passed through same cable.


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Its not about black or white..or pass fail. It is a facility available which integrates to mediums on one cable. Why not use it..? If the device 'can' output HDMI and the receiving port and also dock it...why not.


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If your Monitor has HDMI port, Then,it will have a 3.5MM port, facilitating you to insert your Speaker's 3.5mm jack. So that you can hear sound from your speakers.


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yeah buying a monitor with an HDMI port is worth when you have d device which can give HDMI input to such monitor..
actually the GPU till nw i have seen all were having DVI output and mini HDMI(in many cases) like the recent one GTS460 HAWK... so dats y DVI works fine in case of monitors.. bt in future each device will try to have HDMI output.. and all the latest LCD,LED LCD TV are giving dis HDMI feature and its quite essential too to display Hign Defination video compatibility and picture quality on TV..
so HDMI is really worth acc. to me..
and u can connect ur speaker using 3.5mm jack.. monitors have dat feature too..


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I wonder how does this avoid the wire clutters ? anyhow we got to use some dedicated speakers for better sound and those speakers had to be connected to either system unit or the monitor..

so the Law of Conservation of Wires is still maintained..:p

and @pulkitpopli2004: don think dvi is not good enough when compared to hdmi..

i remember asingh's formula he once told me when i was about to buy the pc, HDMI=DVI+SOUND and so there is no any display performance difference btwn dvi and hdmi.:smile:


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No, you don't get it, HDMI is for monitors as well, but it's main implementation is in HDTVs. If you have ever seen HDTV connected to a hd media then, you'll know what the wire clutter will look like.


In what world, do you think this is better than HDMI!


Obviously HDMI will be a better choice. Its easy to plugin and is smaller than the DVI or VGA. It also has the audio support so that will be the plus point as well. If you consider buying a console in near future then HDMi will be another benefit as well.


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But a 3.5mm jack can only support 1 2.1 system, what about the Front-Left & Front-Right & Center speakers?

If it's specifically for HDTV, then on monitors its really no that useful is it?


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Please use an image hosting site.

Sorry. I was on haste. that won't happen again.

@nbaztec, yes.. that way it can only get a 2.1 output. If you have to set up a 5.1, then you must have a Coaxial Input/optical input in your sound system.. and should have a Optical out/Coaxial out port in your mother board. That way, you can transmit video signals with HDMI and Dolby Digital AAC from your coaxial or optical medium. It pays off though. You'll get crystal clear sound when compared to analogue audio transmissions like DD 5.1/Prologic IIx

Look for ports like this on back of your computer and audio receiver..
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