1. S

    Need Help Selecting a monitor for dual setup

    Hello, Currently I am having dell u2515h 2k monitor.. I am planning to get a 1080p secondary monitor.. mainly use them for social site yt videos etc.. I need some monitor suggestions, (budget oriented) that will go well with my current monitor..The size of the bezel should be the...
  2. cray.x

    Monitor under 15k?

    hey hi guys looking for a monitor. 1. Budget? 15k 2. Display type and size? if possible ultra wide and not less than 23 inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? monitor 4. Ports Required? any port, as far as i can get a VGA adapter for it. 5. Preferred choice of brand...
  3. J

    Monitors Monitors Monitors

    Hello Friends i have a samsung s24d390 monitor and want to upgrade to a 27inch monitor, now lots of debate on the 1920x1080p and 2560x1440p resolutions. Lots of good monitors in the sweet spot of 1920x1080p from LG and Benq. Is it wiser to go by 1920x1080p because of low price than the higher...
  4. S

    4k Monitor for desktop

    Hi, Please suggest me 4k monitors. 1. Budget? 40k 2. Display type and size? IPS . Size should be less than 28 inch. 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Monitor 4. Ports Required? Not sure. Port should support 4k at 60fps 5. Preferred choice of brand? No such preference. 6. Any...
  5. Ironman

    Monitors - FreeSync or G-Sync ---- Which one is Better for the Indian Market. (In the Long Run) ?

    I am Presently in Search of a Monitor I did some Research and i came to know that the Monitor / Display Ecosystem is divided into 2 Separate Groups G-Sync (From NViDiA) & FreeSync (From AMD) I Read my fair share of "FreeSync vs G-Sync" Blog Posts,Forum Posts etc My Question to the...
  6. D

    New Monitor Advice (1440P/UltraWide/4K)

    Hi, I am planning to upgrade my current monitor. These are my options. 2560 x 1440: 1. Benq BL2710PT . I can get this at 45K from a BenQ Dealer in Lamington Road. 2. Asus PB278Q 2560 x 1080: (Ultrawide) I am considering Ultra wide monitor as I am a web developer and it can increase my...
  7. avinandan012

    suggest monitor(s)?

    Hi Guys, help me choose and buy 1. a tripple monitor stand(can support 27" displays) 2. 3 1080p monitors or a single 1440p(costly) Budget 50K For tripple monitors I'm looking at dell s2240l. No idea about 1440p monitors. Usage : content creation (not gaming)
  8. R

    BenQ launches XL-Z Gaming Monitors at Bangalore

    BenQ Launches the new range of XL-Z Gaming Monitors co-developed with professional gamers. Exclusive: BenQ To Launch Two New Gaming Monitors Under RL Series at Rs 15,000 - Gizbot
  9. R

    BenQ Launches its XL-Z Series Gaming Monitors (144Hz) (1ms)

    BenQ, launched its XL – Z Series Gaming Monitors yesterday at Xtreme Gaming E-Sports Stadium located at New Delhi, Ramesh Nagar. The XL-Z monitors are targeted for the FPS-Genre Gamers. The Monitors are Full HD Display monitors with a maximum resolution of 1920x1080, 1ms (GTG) response time...
  10. S

    MY NEW Gaming RIG

    This is my new rig after 8 years.Its main purpose is to game and little bit of photoshop.Budget 75K CPU:Intell i5 4430 MB:Asroch H87 PRo4 GPU:Asus R9 270X Direct CUii RAM:Corsair Vengance 4GBX2 1600Mhz SSD:Kingston V300 120GB HDD:Seagate 1TB CASE: Cooler Master ......(i dont remember)...
  11. madzeus

    torrent bandwidth problem

    HELP needed...!! Please take a look into the picture.The download of the process is at the speed much less than what system consumes. Have tried installing a couple of bandwidth monitors, even used resource monitor for windows 7. Can someone help
  12. vinaych

    16:10 IPS Monitors?

    Hello all, I've been using an HP 16:10 19" monitor since 8 years. (No complaints at all.. Brilliant monitor) The time has come for me to purchase another monitor and when I look, there aren't any 16:10 monitors that I could find except for the Dell U2412m! That monitor is a slightly over my...
  13. S

    Best Monitor in budget 8k

    I want to buy monitor for gaming and watching HD movies. My budget is upto Rs. 8600. Please suggest best monitor. I watched for these monitors if u know any other please tell me. BenQ GW2255HM Dell S2240L
  14. a_medico

    Monitor with maximum height?

    I have decided go for either 24 or 27 inch ips panel monitor. However, my software requirement is maximum height, not width. Is there significant difference between heights of 24 and 27 inch monitors, considering the measurements are diagonal? Also, i dont want to place the monitor rotated by 90...
  15. a_medico

    Touchscreen monitors

    Before buying, what specifications I should look for in a touchscreen monitor, apart from screen size?
  16. N

    4 monitors into one big screen.

    I want to connect 4 monitors so that at looks like a big screen. How can I do it?
  17. Tech.Masti

    Anti-glare screen guard for LED monitor

    are there any anti-glare screen guard available in market for LED/LCD monitor?? some friends told me that its not necessary to use anti-glare in LED, but then why DELL monitor's are coming with in-built anti-glare ?? Shop Dell Monitors By Design if anti-glare screen is available for LED, where...
  18. kARTechnology

    Need Monitor > 22" LED

    I have a CCTV with 16 HD cams(records in WD1!), with World's no 1 DVR, Hikvision. so i need a monitor for that, as low price as possible and very good quality, VFM, (I like more Viewsonic, had 3 Samshit fail on me, but 1 running now.) but open to branded ones) -LED Backlit ONLY (NO CFL Please...
  19. S

    Ips panel good for gaming,all round pc

    Hi everyone ,i am going to get a 22-24 inch monitor soon .I am going to use it for gaming,watching movies,and other programs .I was planning to get a good tn monitor but now i see that good ips monitors are available,please help me choose 1)Dell s2240l...
  20. S

    Help in choosing a monitor

    Hi everyone ,i am going to get a 22/23 inch monitor soon .I am going to use it for gaming,watching movies,and other programs .I am confused between these models ,please help me choose 1)Dell s2240l 2)Aoc i2267fh AOC Product... 3)Hp...
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