1. Desmond

    Suggest a new 23'' Full HD Monitor for gaming

    Obligatory questionnaire answers: 1. Budget? - Around 15k, extensible if better options available. 2. Display type and size? - IPS panel preferable, 23'', matte finish. 1920x1080 resolution. 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? - Gaming mostly. 4. Ports Required? - DVI or HDMI...
  2. K

    GPU HDMI Port not working?

    My GPU is the Gigabyte HD 7850 OC edition. Thing is, it was working well 3 months ago. The I left my home for studies. Now that i've come back, I dunno who f***ed with it, but the GPU's HDMI port won't give any output, just the 'no connection' notification on the screen. The pc works just fine...
  3. Empirial

    Help Me In Choosing A Decent LED Monitor

    Hi Guys, I want to buy a decent LED Monitor online within a budget of 6k & I'm very much confused between Dell IN 1930 & AOC E962VWN. Now, AOC looks better & has a DVI Port but CR is lower (600 : 1) whereas Dell has higher CR (1000 : 1) but lacks a DVI Port. Please help me to decide :)...
  4. C

    Dual dvi port graphics card

    Nvdia Gtx graphics card with 2 dvi port with 2gb of ram which is better gtx 560 gtx 660
  5. azzu

    Dual Monitor setup

    i have a Asus m4a88t-m Motherboard with one D-sub , DVI and a HDMI out on it .. i have a LG monitor already connected to D-sub port , well now i want to also connect my spare 15" zebby monitor via DVI ( it doesnt have HDMI so DVI is the best bet) , i've got a D-sub cable and Tried two...
  6. J

    CPU to monitor connectivity

    Hi friends, I have DELL monitor (20 inch LED IN2020M) and GPU Sapphire 6850-1gb. There is DVI port and HDMI port at back of CPU. There is VGA and DVI port at back of monitor. Currently am connecting my monitor via its VGA port to DVI port of CPU via converter. Can I connect CPU to monitor via...
  7. chandan3

    Gaming moniter

    i m planning to buy 21.5 or 23 inch full hd led moniter which support ips technology 1 HDMI port 1 DVI 1 VGA 1080p 1920 1080 resolution under 15k
  8. T

    How to get DVI and HDMI ouput from CPU

    Hi guys My CPu only has a VGA output, but soon I will be going for a Full HD Led monitor. So in order to get best quality picture I need DVI or HDMI out put from PC . what do I need to do for this? Do I need to buy a PCI card with HDMI and DVI out ?? Please do let me know in detailed...
  9. A

    info about older graphics cards

    just want to whether these graphics cards are good or not XFX-ATI-Radeon-HD-4850 XFX ATI Radeon HD 4850 512MB DDR3 256-bit DVI / S-Video TV out Graphic Card | eBay and XFX-NVIDIA-GeForce-9800-GTX...
  10. quicky008

    DVI cable won't fit into monitor's DVI port!

    I recently tried connecting my Samsung Syncmaster B2030 monitor to my computer using a DVI cable but the cable simply doesn't fit into my monitor's DVI port,no matter how hard i try to attach it properly.The strange thing about this scenario is that the DVI connector of the cable fits into my...
  11. iittopper

    560Ti dvi to vga nOt working

    my monitor only has1 vga port and 1 white coloured 25 pin dvi port (i think its dvi-d) . and my gpu 560ti has 2 dvi port with 29 pIn . bought dvi to vga converter having 15 pin on one end and 25 pin on other . put it in gpu dvi slot and use vga to vga wire . when i on my monitor its shows check...
  12. T

    Artifacts from Bootup screen itself.

    Hi, I have Zotac 9800gt 512 MB Eco PCI-E Card .It was working fine till yesterday but since morning it is showing artifacts since the booting. the whole screen is unreadable right from card info.i use DVI connector to connect monitor to display. can it be a dvi problem or VRAM issue.
  13. D

    Help in buying TV Tuner Card

    Hi guys, I am desperate to buy a good n cheap TV tuner Card Motherboard - MSI 790GX Monitor - BenQ 22Inch E2220HD with DVI and VGA Input, Currently using DVI for PC input. I want good picture n sound quality plus i would like to view TV on PC for long hours such as Wimbledon Matches/F1...
  14. H

    [Want to Buy] ATI Radeon DVI to HDMI Adapter !!

    I want the DVI to HDMI adapter which can transmit audio signals as well... Most generic converters do not transfer audio but only videos. I've a HD4850 with dual DVI ports. The DVI ports can supply audio through these specific adapters. I would be using this to connect my HDTV. The card was...
  15. S

    Need a DVI to HDMI Cable for Tata Sky+ HD

    Heyy Everyone,i need a DVI to HDMI cable for my Dell U2312HM:I need to watch Tata Sky+ on my Monitor,tried in Local Market but it is not available..they don't even know if any such kindda cable is available or not(fools said it might be available in Bangalore/Kolkata,we can't find it in Delhi even)
  16. S

    Which monitor to choose for PS3 ?

    I've decided to go for a full HD Monitor for PS3 I've narrowed it down to 2 options(suggest any better in this price range if they exist) 1.Benq G2222HDL *benq.co.uk/products/LCD/index.cfm/product/1156 2.Dell ST2220L DELL Dell - ST2220L 21.5-inch Wide LED Flat Panel Monitor ...
  17. S

    BenQ G2222HDL vs Dell ST2220L ?

    Which of the two monitors is better for gaming ? Dell ST2220L has HDMI and BenQ G2222HDL has DVI ,So i heard there is no quality difference between these two except that HDMI also carries sound. Does going for a monitor with HDMI future proof or is DVI enough ?
  18. M

    DVI to vga converter problem

    Hi all, I am having problem with my dvi to vga converter, whenever I connect my monitor with dvi to vga, I see my monitor like viewing 3d without glasses. I have 8800gt, but it is not the problem because it works great in my friends pc. I also changed the cable from shop of same type but...
  19. root.king

    eyefinity problem

    plz help me to solve the problems, i wnt to setup dual display and my gpu is sapphire hd 5670 1gb ddr5 it has 3 ports Display Port,HDMI and DVI in the packge it came with 1 DVI to VGA and 1 HDMI to DVI cable, and my problem start now, my default monitor has VGA connector (hp l1506) and old 1...
  20. P

    Cheapest monitor within 5K with DVI input

    Please suggest me Cheapest monitor within 5K with DVI input with reasonable resolution
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