1. Æsoteric Positron

    Cheap Monitor quest* (*-quest itself is not cheap XD)

    Hey fellow geeks! I am in the market for a new monitor for around 5k , but I can't find any good monitors around my budget :'( this one looks good but is sadly over my measly budget of 5k - Amazon.in: Buy HP 22 inch(54.61 cm) Ultra-Slim Anti Glare Full HD LED Monitor - 3 Side Micro Bezel, IPS...
  2. bad_till_bones

    HDMI cable - Male to Male - 10M

    Hi Friends, Need a 10M Male to Male HDMI cable to connect my Tata Sky box to my LED TV in the other room. Actually tryig to run two TV's via one setup box. Please suggest a good and reliable cable.... Cheers.
  3. mang

    HDMI to Stereo Rca will it improve audio quality.

    I have power dvd with realtek alc887 which is not supported in power dvd for high Def audio output. But I have radeon HD 6450 which hdmi outout, I don't use hdmi port for either video or audio out. Question is If I'm using hdmi for audio out with hdmi to stereo adapter will I get better...
  4. Piyush

    A monitor related problem

    I have this annoying problem past few months which Im not able to fix. First of all my pc specs AMD Athlon II X4 635 (very old I know, will change the whole setup soon)- 5 yr old MSI 880gma- 5yr old (RMA'd and replaced once) Sapphire R7 265 2gb - 2 yr old Corsair 1*8gb 1600- less than 1 yr...
  5. S

    Laptop for work purposes in a bidget of 50k, to be purchased from USA

    Hi Guys, Please suggest me laptop with below requirements: 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) Rs. 50,000 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? 14 inch or greater 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Office...
  6. wwwescape

    HDMI cables and USB OTG cables

    Please suggest me a good HDMI cable to connect my set-top-box and PS3 to my TV. I've heard that AmazonBasics HDMI cables are good but they are expensive. Also please suggest a good USB OTG cable that can be used on Samsung, Sony, Lenovo and Redmi phones or tablets. Thanks.
  7. bkpeerless

    Not able to get display after installing new GFX card helppppppppppppp

    I just bought 1060 graphics card from EVGA. As this card dont support vga. I bought new hdmi cable. now when i installed it . Every thing was fine but after driver got installed and machine restarted , i am not getting display any more. Sometime display comes but till windows is loading then...
  8. AVT

    Offline Media Player from 2 TB HDD (with audio out)

    I don't need the fancy smart android tv boxes that are nearest to what i m thinking but i want these things 1. It should have a usb connection to the hard disk drive from which it can play 720p (x265 HEVC codec wali) videos. 2. It should have a HDMI port to which i can connect my computer...
  9. Harsh Pranami

    SUggest me a 24" FHD monitor which will also be connected to set top box

    SUggest me a 24" FHD monitor which will also be connected to set top box Hi all. How are you guys doing? So I'm planning to buy a monitor because CS:GO on 15.6" laptop is killing my experience. Budget 15/+-2 k . 24" FHD. Also I'll like to connect that monitor to a set top box using...
  10. K

    [URGENT]Laptop For video playback on TV over HDMI/ Intel Vs. AMD

    1) What is your budget? (INR or USD) INR 25000 (+- 2000) 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? Mainstream; 15" - 16" screen 3) What are the primary tasks you will be performing with this notebook? Video playback on TV using HDMI, mostly...
  11. Randy_Marsh

    USB-C to HDMI adaptor or cable for Nexus 6P?

    Hello! I want to share my mobile's (Nexus 6P-which has USB-C port) display to my LG monitor (which has HDMI port). Are there any cheap cables or adaptors available for the same? I looked through some on Amazon but those are costly (around Rs. 2k)
  12. desai_amogh

    FHD question, vga vs hdmi

    Guys, What i understand is hdmi will work on vga but will be analog and less quality than hdmi which is digital. Am I right? I am not a gamer. Recently ordered a FHD display and will use it for normal work and watching movies sometimes. My mobo doesn't support hdmi and only has vga. Is...
  13. desai_amogh

    FHD Monitor buying advise

    Looking for a decent branded FHD monitor. 1. Budget? < 8K 2. Display type and size? ~21.5 Inch 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? As a desktop monitor, watch full HD movies, use with Pine64/Raspberry pi like SBCs 4. Ports Required? HDMI IS A MUST, 1 VGA port will really help. 5...
  14. C

    NVIDIA Audio

    I connect my headphone to monitor. Monitor is connected to NVDIA graphics card (GTX 750 TI) via HDMI cable. It works fine, last day i connected earphone that comes with my android phone, sound works fine, but the mic is not working (my old headphone have no mic), i am not sure NVDIA HDMI...
  15. D

    Dell S2240L With Dish Tv TruHD+ Recorder Compatibility

    I have a Dell S2240L monitor, I want to buy Dish Tv TruHD+ Recorder to watch TV on it. But i am worried about the compatibility. I asked the Dish Tv customer care but they are unable to say if it gonna work or not. Here is the Dish Tv product page which I wanna buy HD Set Top Box with HD...
  16. R

    How to setup TATA Sky HD+, Samsung LED TV with Yamaha YHT 196

    Hi All, I impulsively purchased a Yamaha YHT 196 HT without really confirming whether this will work with Tata Sky HD+. I was under the impression that if the HT has HDMI inputs it should directly give a 5.1 sound output for HD channels on Tata sky. I assumed these connections will work ...
  17. ariftwister

    5.1 Surround does not work while playing through HDMI

    Devices TV - Samsung 3D HDTV UA40D6600WRXZN HT - Samsung-HT-D330K 5.1 DTH - SunDirect HD Setup The Home Theatre is connected to TV via Digital optical cable.(HT doesn't have HDMI, optical is the only option). Now the DTH is connected to TV via HDMI (ARC). TV has 4 HDMI ports and only one of...
  18. sandynator

    Budget Home Theatre PC advice

    I am thinking to build a HTPC in budget as less as possible. No Raspberry PI please My sole purpose is to play Full HD Videos on my 40 inch LED through HDMI. Requirements: 1. Processor & motherboard combo [Mobo should have USB 3 & HDMI port preferably] Just saw AMD AM1 socket...
  19. mitraark

    Cheap HD TV Tuner Card

    I have GTPL HD STB connection which has an HDMI and Composite output I have a Beetel USB TV Stick and it has Composite input, it works fine, but quality is not that good. Need a TV Tuner card with HDMI input. Googled, got results of Avermedia HD Cature card ,Rs 11000 Beetel Stick...
  20. sam9953

    Converter for Micro HDMI (Male) to HDMI (Male) cable?

    Hi guys, I use to own an Xperia S and my phone was stolen buy some nitwit and now I am left with Mini HDMI (Male) to HDMI (Male) cable, does anyone of you know a suitable adapter or converter so that one end has a Mini HDMI (female) port and the other end has the usual android phone charging port?
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