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HD VAPOR-X 5770 or HD 6770 VAPOR-X from SAPPHIRE

I want to know which GPU is better among, the Sapphire HD VAPOR-X 5770 or HD 6770 VAPOR-X. Also please mention its price.

My configuration is:

Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 @ 3.00 Ghz
2 * 2 GB 800 Mhz RAM
Intel DG33FB motherboard

Please also mention a good PSU from CoolerMaster, for the power requirement of the above graphic cards.


Bond, Desi Bond!
HD6770 is definitely better but isn't HD6850 available for 1k-1.5k more which is much much better than HD6770 Vapor-X?


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Then please suggest qhich GPU I should go for, and also please mention the brand. Also mention a good PSU from CoolerMaster, to power the GPU.


laborare est orare
Let us know the budget first for the PSU and Graphics card 1st. And why you want Cooler Mister PSU...get Corsair PSUs bro.


Adam young
HD 6770 is the better one though 6850 is better option than 6770 if you are ready to increase your budget.
just mention your maximum budget which helps to give correct suggestion than just blindly assuming something.


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Get Corsair VX 450 w


GTX 460 768 MB :- Zotac/Evga

that will be within ur budget


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But I want to buy PSU from either Corsair or CoolerMaster. Please recommend the PSU keeping in mind future upgrades, and especially for the HD6790 which I am going to buy within a few weeks.

Is the HD6790 worth buying, future safe I mean?

Please give complete details, if suggesting other cards, better than HD6790, keeping the budget in check.


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The Cooler Master PSU which you are most likely to get and buy + the shopkeepers are most likely to have is CM Extreme Power Plus 600w which is a disgrace.

Get the ones which Desiibond has mentioned.

Tagan TG500-U37 @ 3.1k
Corsair VX450 @ 3.5k (if available)
Corsair GS600 @ 3.9k
Seasonic S12II 520w bronze @ 3.9k (if available)
Corsair VX550 @ 4.6k

If you really want Cooler Master, then get CM Real Power Power Pro 460w @ 3.2k~ It is much more relable than Extreme Power Plus 600w.


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Let us know the budget first for the PSU and Graphics card 1st. And why you want Cooler Mister PSU...get Corsair PSUs bro.

Seconded!! Do not get CM PSUs please!!

Get VX450 (suits ur budget fine) or VX550 (if u can extend PSU budget lil bit)....and become worry free for 5 years!!

Have heard that GS series from Corsair is good as well...but me not qualified to recommend since got no first hand experience with those!!

For GPU, either get 6850 or get 6770!! Dont get 6790! Mere 3~5 fps difference with 6770 in most games and high TDP!!


these all are good

Corsair--> VX , CX , GS
Cooler Master--> Real Power series, Silent series
Tagan--> Stonerock series


laborare est orare
Keeping future upgrades under consideration, Corsair GS600 is the best choice here. The price is 3.9/4K, within your budget. It is 80+ certified, provides 48A current to its 12V rail and can handle high end cards like GTX 560 Ti or HD 6950.
It also comes with 3 Years of warranty.

And for Graphics card, within 8 to 9K, get Zotac GTX 460 768 MB version @ 8.4K
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