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Funnily, at flipkart the 6990 costs less than the 7970 :lol:

meanwhile, at bitfang the 7970 is about 35k plus shipping.

that is the first non reference GPU i've seen which wont dump air into your case. but on looking closely it can be understood that the only difference from the reference card is the shroud covering the vapour chamber and fan assembly.

only a PCB shot can confirm it being truly a non reference design.

is the 50k street price or MRP?
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WTF is going on, why HD 7970 costs so high in India? now dollar rates comes to Rs.49.76, that means reference HD 7970 should costs here 549x49.76=27318 or 28,000, adding taxes it should cost Rs. 33,000 to 34,000.

Tell me if I am wrong :evil::evil::evil:

Its actually (15.59% customs + 10.4% VAT)
So 28K card comes to 35K.
Not local re-distributors seeks their own profit from it along with dealers cut. So, price increases a lot.
BTW why are you surprised? This happens all the time for PC components. :-(

Addition: XFS black edition is also released at same price tag.
Those who want to but 7970, wait until kepler release. :p


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actually my nephew wanted to buy it... ;)
BTW when HD 7970 was released in India @ 35K,the dollar rate was Rs.52 & but now dollar rates come down to Rs. 49 very speedily, still it costs same? even if it comes down more to Rs.47, still will it cost 35K? how the hell on earth MD is charging 38K for Sapphire HD 7970....WTF!!!!!!!!

@Extreme Gamer: I too think it has reference pcb but with improved cooler, Twin Frozr will be non reference one ;)

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i would not call it improved. Look at the shroud- it is less aerodynamic than the stock one. the fan looks identical to the stock one. i'm assuming that the vapour chamber is also identical.


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thank you for the site.. but shipping cost is around 100 there. do you know any store in delhi or nearby area

Do reply ............

Primeabgb is also selling sunbeam products but high shipping cost starts from 150


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i have contacted smc but smc is also not selling such stuff. this is problem that i am facing.. i am not able to find a perfect place for that ........... and surprised that no such shop in delhi. Now i have to go chandigarh (lynx) store. but i have doubt that there must be a store in delhi.

prob. with online stores is they are charging 100 to 150 shipping cost with each item of rs 250. that make no sense. so 250 rs item is costing me 350 and 375 is 475 including.

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