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Since the past two months I have been having issues with my 2TB WD Green hard disk. Copying and pasting has become super slow. Opening folders with lots of movies is way too slow and takes up to a minute to completely open and show the contents. Watching even SD movies is lagging. I have a very good configuration, and I know for sure it's not a virus because my other hard disk 320 GB WD is not facing these issues.

I installed HD Tune Pro to find out if the hard disk had any problems and here are the results from the Health tab.

1- Current Pending Sector. Status: Warning
Description: Number of unstable Sectors 1465
Status: The drive has unstable sectors

2- Ultra DMA CRC Error Count
Description: Number of interface communication Errors 1631
Status: There were communication errors. This may be caused by a damaged cable.

Can you please help me regarding the above error. It would be greatly appreciated if you could please provide a solution.


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I have a similar problem, and somehow manages to backup the whole data and have sent the disk for RMA. These WD 2tb caviar Green drives do have some problems. You drive is failing, backup the data aas quickly as possible and sent the HDD for RMA. You can apply for though WD's website and there's an option for pickup by Courier services.


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Unstable sectors may ultimately lead to bad/dead sectors, better backup your drive and send it for RMA


Thanks for the replies, had a doubt that my hd is dying, but wanted a confirmation from others. I didnt want to do some stupidity like send the hd to WD and then find out that the actual prob was with my PC.
"There were communication errors. This may be caused by a damaged cable." This is what actually created doubt in my mind.
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