1. S

    Unable to retrieve installed service status (service not recognized) in Ubuntu

    I have a jar file running as service in system(logged in as root user). But unable to get the service status(running/stopped). "sudo service <service_name> status" returns "<service_name>: unrecognized service". "service --status-all" does not return installed service name in the list...
  2. Cyberghost

    Renowned Explorers: International Society

    Renowned Explorers: International Society is a strategy adventure game set in a fictitious 19th century world. It introduces a unique attitude-based gameplay that challenges both your tactical and storytelling skills. Key Features Endless New Adventures - Explore the far corners of...
  3. demoninside9

    How to format whatsup Status

    Hi Is there any tool or way to format whatsup status like font style color and size? Please let me know. Thanks
  4. S

    Strange issue with SMART status of external HDD

    hi guys, I recently bought a western digital elements 1 TB HDD. While checking for SMART status with the data lifeguard diagnostics utility, the status is shown as FAILED. However, with other tools like HDDScan / CrystalDiskInfo, the status is always shown as PASS. The drive is usable though and...
  5. avichandana20000

    [Want to Buy] Old hdd

    want to buy WD 160 GB HDD with or without warranty IN RUNNING CONDITION Budget 700/-.WITHIN WARRANTY(nego) 500/- WITHOUT WARRANTY Any one wants to sell must post HD TUNE AND HD SENTINEL STATUS of that HDD. Also require a dead SATA hdd of any size as a give away.
  6. Sarath

    About my moderator status

    Hi everyone, Coming straight to the point, I would like to propose for the disqualification of my moderator status. As some of you may or may not have noticed, I have been highly inactive lately (more than a year) and my further appearances here might be an even rarer sight. I might start my...
  7. Cilus

    [Complaint] Naaptol's Poor Delivery service

    Hi Guys, need your help here. On 11th April, 2013, I have placed an Order for a XOLO Q800 Mobile Phone on and paid the full amount, Rs 11,823. The product is not available in any of the other online sites during that period. The original amount was 11,998 but I used some Payback...
  8. prvprv

    [Praise] Seagate Replacement @ AccelFrontline

    My 2.5 year old Seagate 1TB HDD ST31000528AS started giving errors 1 month back. When checked with seatools, smart and shortDST tests are failed. The warranty is left till 14th July 2013 so I Registered a RMA request at Seagate website. Created an account in AccelFrontline website...
  9. ankushkool

    A good Facebook + Twitter android app?

    After happily using Seesmic, now I am looking for a replacement as there is some issue due to which it cannot update Facebook. After trying many apps (Hootsuit, Seesmic ping, tweet caster, tweetdeck etc) have still not find a good app that has below features: 1. Update status on twitter and...
  10. windchimes

    Difference between WL and GNWL in railway reservation?

    Hey guys, Can you decipher this. The moment i booked railway ticket I got the details as Booking Status (Coach No , Berth No., Quota) :W/L 24,GNWL Current Status (Coach No , Berth No.) W/L 4 What is the difference between GNWL and WL and which one to be looked at?
  11. pmkarun

    Is this a Good Deal

    Hi all, Is this mobile a good deal? Or should I get some other? HTC Status Mobile Phone : Bridge The Communication Divide! HTC Status Mobile @ Rs 7990!
  12. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Indian Woman Divorces Husband For Failing To Change FB Status To "Married"

    Indian Woman Divorces Husband For Failing To Change FB Status To "Married" Reportedly, the social networking giant has been cited in 33% of divorces worldwide. In what could be one of the first of such instances in our country, a woman from Aurangabad has filed for divorce because her...
  13. A

    How to keep status bar 'always on top' in android?

    I found some apps which let you bring up status bar by pressing a key or by certain gesture but i want the status bar to be visible all the time (even in a fullscreen app) with no need to perform any of above actions.
  14. iinfi

    bsnl connection issues

    yea folks .. another chap with bsnl connection issues IN THE AFTERNOON WHEN CONNECTION WAS STABLE Mode: ADSL_G.dmt Traffic Type: ATM Status: Up Link Power State: L0 Downstream Upstream Line Coding(Trellis): On On SNR Margin (0.1 dB): 269 290 Attenuation (0.1 dB)...
  15. bajaj151

    HDD : Should I RMA ?

    I checked one of my hard disk using HD Tune and I am getting Health Status as Warning Here is the screenshot :
  16. patkim

    MS Communicator - How to Hide Idle time

    Is anyone using/familar with Microsoft Communicator 2005 (Instant Messenger tool) After predefined interval of inactivity, the status changes to 'Away' however along with it also shows the last active time since when the status is idle. like Status Away - Idle Since 3:00 PM Is there any way...
  17. Sarath

    [Complaint] Letsbuy service or should I say lack of it. Another bad experience.

    I am well aware that letsbuy screws up random people in between their spells of good to fine service. Well I fell prey to their bad service for the second time. First time being this one > letsbuy :-x Now as usual, not surprisingly their service is quick to clear your doubts and apprehensions...
  18. kool

    How to update ur status via blackberry on any phone???

    Guys, Recently I've started using Statusvia - Funny Facebook and Twitter Update Status Application for updating my status & friend's wall by showing "VA BLACKBERRY". But it dont works for groups or page wall. How can i do that? Can i get BLACKBERRY/WINDOWS phone plugings for FIREFOX USER...
  19. anandharaja

    Keyboard Status Monitor for windows 7

    hi, i recording my video tutorials using BBFlash back express. but it does not have keyboard status monitoring, i searched in google, camtasia have that option but that is expensive for me now. in ubuntu i used keyboard status monitor and record my desktop software. record my desktop not have...
  20. Orionz

    Aaksh 2 Tab!

    Has anybody pre-booked the Aakash 2 Tab AKA Datawinds UBISLATE....if yes what is the current status.
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