1. A

    Which one is the best messaging app for business communication and collaboration?

    Hi everyone! Of late, our company has been looking for a communications tool as there has been some limitation with all the tools that we have used in the past. Recently we came across ALERainbow - a communication and collaboration platform powered by Alcatel-Lucent. This is one communication...
  2. patkim

    Are VoIP ports blocked by ISP in India?

    I need some clarification when it comes to VOIP. I read somewhere that many ISPs in India block VOIP Ports. Is this true and if yes which services or features get affected? Does any and every voice communication over internet falls under VOIP being blocked or when we say VOIP is blocked it...
  3. isenberg

    What skills are required from a CSE student ?

    Hi, I am a fresher at (CSE). Due to two years of drop I have lost motivation and interest in everything. Now what they are teaching in 1st sem seems boring, dull and irrelevant. I know I can't drop out again, because I have lost two years already. This is the last shot at getting a...
  4. E

    Please Suggest Which Books to Choose for CSE 4th Sem Diploma

    I am in 4th sem of CSE diploma and confused in the plethora of book suggested in the syllabus.So I want your expert suggestions.:-? Below are the books suggested in the syllabus so help me to choose 1 from each subject to study because being a govt. college,no teacher have came in first 2...
  5. C

    New HDD slow as hell !!!!

    Hi guys, My laptop hdd just died on me so got it replaced it from dell as it was under warranty now the issue with new hdd has shown up but don't know what to make out of it.The thing is that the new games,extraction and compresion of huge files is just taking too much time.So i used hd tune...
  6. sayan8

    Which one should i opt for...pls help

    i study in 12th at cbse board pursuing science career.. i want to study engg.. i hav shortlisted this streams-- 1. electronics & communication (1st prfrence) 2. Computer Science 3 . automobile 4. I.T Please help me....
  7. D

    need advice on communication between offices

    i want a advice on how to interconnect a sub-offices located in different parts of the country .... say the headquarters of the office is located in A, and the sub offices located in B,C and so on...... the way of communication, like instant chat, send mails, send files etc should be...
  8. V

    Urgent Help : UAE - Dubai video calls/voice calls

    Hi, My one of friend have to move to Dubai as part of Job. I want to know which all possible ways of cheapest communication are present from Dubai to India and vice versa ? Like Skype, Tango is blocked there. Not sure about Whatsapp though. Main communication requirements are Text...
  9. A


    Hi, We have worked before with an EDV equiped with "p5q socket 775" asus motherboard, we have also our customized printed circuit based on HCS08 microcontrolleur. We used to make an usb communication between the motherboard and our customized board. (usb v2.0) A several days ago, we...
  10. V

    Hard Disk failure

    Hi, Since the past two months I have been having issues with my 2TB WD Green hard disk. Copying and pasting has become super slow. Opening folders with lots of movies is way too slow and takes up to a minute to completely open and show the contents. Watching even SD movies is lagging. I have...
  11. ashis_lakra

    Northbridge affects GPU ?

    Hi, I was wondering of my unplayable and inconsistent frame rates on my computer. I had a discussion with a member and he said the ICH07 southbridge is limiting the communication from CPU to GPU and vice versa .. Is this true ? shall i go for mobo with ICH10 to increase performance ?
  12. buddyram

    Communication of yesteryears!

    Illustration of these images
  13. MatchBoxx

    ECE/ETE vs. CSE!

    i think the veterans visit this sub-forum regularly, so i'm posting my query here! Which is the more geekier subject: Electronics & Communication Engineering(ECE)/Electronics & TeleCommunication Engineering(ETE) or Computer Science & Engineering(CSE)???
  14. paroh

    Google won't share encryption keys with Indian sleuths
  15. K

    Will BharatBerry replace BlackBerry?

    GOK.......! To provide a concrete solution for interception of data sent using Blackberry messenger, a Jaipur -based IT company has claimed to have developed a mobile communication service for all users that will work under the ambit of Indian law.:cry::shock: Ref: Bharat Berry, desi...
  16. V

    Google wave arrived with 'bang'!!

    Initial reviews of GOOGLE WAVE is now pouring out in internet site,mainly positive Google Wave takes on traditional e-mail systems and incorporates chat-like or instant messaging technology all in one. Instead of a typical "I send you a message, you receive it and you reply" type of exchange...
  17. V

    Anybody joined BPO ?

    Hey Friends! My name is Vivek and i am pursuing my BCA 4th sem through Distance Learning. I am planning to join BPO in delhi. Can anybody guide me. I am confident about my communication skills. I am looking for any process Voice/Technical etc. Why BPO don't hire B.Tech/ BE ?
  18. E

    The BIG Reliance Joke - DTH communication

    Hey Guys! Noticed reliance shouting over the roof about their "mpeg4" technology that they would use for the DTH broadcast. Thats really funny, cos mpeg4 is a compression technology that allows fitting more channels through the transponder...thats got nothing to do with picture quality/sound...
  19. hrushij

    2 way communication..sms & email??

    Hi..all of my friends.. Is there any software..or site..or anything..that support sms & email 2 way communication...And of course for free..!! :rolleyes: Thanks in Advance..!!:)
  20. M

    Secure your communication with GnuPG

    With gmail enabling IMAP service, I decided to switch over to using a mail client for accessing my multiple gmail inboxes. While reading a mails on local LUG lists, I came across a couple of mails which were signed using gpg. So, I decided to explore more on the topic and use gnupg for my...
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