Happy Birthday Sreevirus and others.

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Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU ALL!!! Thank you for the wishes! :)

This has been my best birthday ever. I was not expecting anything, and my two best friends turned up at 12 o' clock with a big Black Forest cake with "Anna, Why so serious?" written on it with icing. :D
I never had a surprise on my birthday before, and this is awesome. The guys are watching a movie now, and I excused myself to check mails.

Go Sreeyesh! I hope God gives you a thousand chickens to eat on this auspicious day. ;)
I can only wish goobi. Today I had fish for dinner, and fed the cat too; it was so happy, the cat really loves fish. Later today, its gonna be chicken and fish galore for me and my friends. :D

happy b'day guys and sree please spare the poor chickens today,:p.Go hunt some chicks maybe?
Sorry Devil, but I'm an obligate chicken-vore. Can't survive without it. :p

Once again, thanks for the wishes. :)
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