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GUYS..The best digi cam for 12k-17k..!Help..!!

hiya guys..!need yur help..!
guys i wanna buy a digital camera for 12k-17k price range...!suggest me the best options i can have..>! well i wud like HD enbled...nice zoom,of course nice picture quality,nd a wide variety of functions..!!!!!


Cyborg Agent
dere are 2 canon model which will be best for ur price range
1. PowerShot SX130 IS - 14k - 12MegaPixel , 12x zoom
2. PowerShot SX210 IS - 17.5k (cud b less dan dat too)... - 14MegaPixel, 14x zoom


Grand Master
sx130IS is great on features but not very compact..

if u want compact look for panasonic tz8 or canon sx210is


A Rolling Stone
The SX130IS is an excellent camera. Full manual controls available, good low light photography cant be compared to SLRs though. Bought one about a month ago.

Only demerit: it is an ultimate battery eater. Make sure you try before you buy. My new set of 1900mAh batteries were dead in less than 45 minutes. Still I am trying to find ones that will satisfy its hunger!!!
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