1. D

    Need new LED for 40-50 k

    1. Budget -40-50K 2. Display type and size? 40"-43" 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Movies & Football 4. Ports Required? normal 5. Preferred choice of brand? Sony or LG , I wud like TV to be long lasting 6. Any TV/monitor in consideration? 7. Any other info that you want to share. Sud I...
  2. D

    Need a Disposable Android

    Need advice for a new mobile!!!! My current Requirements : A good music quality + Pdf reading + easy opening of documents + big screen of 4.5" -5" + external sd support of 32 gb , smooth operation . no gaming need + camera + or any fancy thing what I require is stability n not...
  3. A

    wi fi modem for bsnl bbnd

    which one is the best. i am using old siemens sl2-141 almost 6 years old-coonectivity issues here hence when repeatedly fingered BSNL their tech chap tells me time to change this modem,so please suggest. iam using bsnl bbnd home plan 900 unlimited.also whats the average life of a modem. i am...
  4. M

    Traveling Problem in Job

    Friend i apply for job and i think i will get it early. But my problem is i apply'd job which is FAR awey 55 Klmeter. From my city i have to travel everyday by bus if i join the job. And this make me firstartion. Coz i hate traveling. For job. Even i have to reach at 9:30 to 10 am at job. OMG. I...
  5. N

    Guys Need help purchasing a phone under 20k

    Hey guys i need a phone under 20k i've recently used a lumia 720 but no luck it's a waste of money. Just suggest me whether i shud go for grand or not.? any other phone suggestions wud help. Plzz no micromaxx nd all tht. I have to buy a phone tommorow or max by 3rd. Help plzz
  6. H

    Graphics Card Under 3k

    I have a Iball Cabinet, i know its in ur hitlist but cant be chngd, My Budget is Rs 3000,u cud add 100-150 rs xtra not a big deal, I have a full HD LG Flatron W2243T monitor so wud like to play games in high res My computer configuration is 2.33 Ghz Core 2 Quad intel processor Seagate...
  7. A

    Whether to prepare for CAT or PSU's !!

    Hi I am a final year student persuing b.tech in EE from a reputed govt engg coll.I am already placed in TCS.I have GATE on 10th feb and i am pretty sure that i will not be able to get an AIR under 300 rank which is essential for a PSU.I don't want to do an M.TECh so a rank >300 is of no use for...
  8. Y

    HYDERABAD where to buy?

    I live in hyderabad where can i get the best deal for Asrock z77 extreme 4 Intel i5 3450 Do u guys have any better options for under 20k i wud be pairing these with ati 7850
  9. Aerrow

    Renovating my PC soon... making changes if needed...

    Hi Guys, A gaming fanatic here.... first of all, let me say how wondeful a job you all are doing here... was checking out threads and was amazed to see even Veterans giving out detailed and explanatory answers to all the ppl asking for questions.. even new members... the usually B.S that I...
  10. sanoob.tv

    Protective case for acer iconia a500

    hi, can any one tell me which indian online website provide protective cases for tablets,acer iconia a500.in ebay the shipping wud take 20 days(from usa). is there any other sites??
  11. B

    Beginner Alert!! Nikon-D3100 or D5000 or D5100 or D90 or Canon 1100D or 550D?

    Hi guys, My first post on this forum. I'm a newbie in the SLR world and planning to buy a DSLR. I'm in love with the build of the Nikon DSLRs and wud like to buy one. Budget constraints at around 30k. I know for that price i'll only get the 3100 with 18-55 kit lens. But I was wondering...
  12. K

    is 1GB usage with 3G generally enough ?

    I currently am on 2G unlimited internet service with Vodafone. I am planning to upgrade to 3G I was wondering if a plan with a maximum usage of 1 GB wud be enuf for me. With normal surfing, but even a upload is deducted from your plan and some APPS that require Internet to be used and I have...
  13. Z

    Need help for buyin new Laptop....

    Heyy friends...........am plannin on buyin a new Laptopb/w 47-55k.......since u guys r the experts out der, plz help me out on dis one.......... 1) What is your budget? (INR or USD)- 47k- 55k 2) What size notebook would you prefer? c. Thin and Light; 13" - 14" screen / d. Mainstream; 15"...
  14. prabhu.wali

    Grado MS1 vs ATH M35/M50

    fellas,finally narrowed in on MS1 and M35 which one shud i go for and M50 wud be like way over my budget considering i don want them too bulky
  15. Tathaga


    lookin for old netbook in kolkata it wud b cool if its <=1 yr old with bill
  16. guru_urug

    New Phone for 13k

    Hey guys, My dad wants to get a new phone. Budget is 13k. Requirements: big screen(prefered) touch screen(capacitive) with physical keypad* Office functionality wifi,gprs,3g(nice if present) atleast 1-1.5 day batt life fm,music,and multimedia options cam quality not a concern...
  17. blademast3r

    Flat rate courier service bangalore

    Hey guys Can someone recommend a good courier service in bangalore?? Need to ship a processor with heatsink.. How much wud it cost and how much do these things weigh??
  18. H

    GUYS..The best digi cam for 12k-17k..!Help..!!

    hiya guys..!need yur help..! guys i wanna buy a digital camera for 12k-17k price range...!suggest me the best options i can have..>! well i wud like HD enbled...nice zoom,of course nice picture quality,nd a wide variety of functions..!!!!!
  19. pulkitpopli2004

    buyin a camera from outside india

    i am planning to buy canon camera powershot series from US... i jst wanna knw guys shud i really buy from US as i wud b saving arnd 3k max in comparision with purchasing same model in india... bt prob is i dnt knw whether it wud be advantageous... will dere be any power supply issue in...
  20. K

    Dell Inspiron M501R vs Inspiron 15R : Which to prefer

    hi Guys, I am planning to buy a multimedia laptop this festive season but am totally confused now. I want a gig with good HD graphics + HDMI port + sensual gaming & mostly i wud use it for HD movie viewing. DELL has launched a new Inspiron M501 series with AMD chipsets. Could you please...
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