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can we get an update on this topic by Digit forum members.
It will surely be appreciated... Thank you


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tuxfan said:
What update are you looking for? :confused:
well my friend i was hoping for some good current offer which gives top level domain for free :D without any requirements of posting or points or referrals

my brother availed of the .be domain free offer and i wanted something similar with complete nameserver control to use Google Apps for Domain with it

thank you and nice info posted..


GeeNeeYes said:
well my friend i was hoping for some good current offer which gives top level domain for free :D

Hmm. Guess you have not read my earlier posts in this thread. Have a look at this post

BTW, have you ever wondered from where will the costs be recovered for the domain if there is no need for posting or there are no referrals or there are no ads??


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If you need real free domain ... head to - 450NP$ to be earned to get free domain with whole lots of features...your own nameservers, mail forward, nameserver edit, Cname,MX records edit. And if you say you need to post a lot for getting ways...head to NP Incentives..complete offers and earn NP$ really fast!
They offer .info, .us, .org, .net and .biz domains too!


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Is switching to another domain name is easy, hosting to remain as before.
Contact your host for this he has to modify you account information for that. Also you may loose your traffic and search engine position.


int86 said:
Is switching to another domain name is easy, hosting to remain as before.

Switching to another domain name means a whole new site by itself :( All your visitors will have to be made aware of your new address. Switching hosting is simpler. You can have a look at the following posts on my blog on how to shift hosting. There are some more posts that will come on this topic as soon as I find some time ;)

Shift website hosting - part 1 (static site)
Shift website hosting - part 2 (leftover emails)
Shift website hosting - part 3(1) (dynamic sites, CMS)


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thanx @tuxfan u r always a helping hand.
Going to read your blog. (i.e. going to ask you more)
I dont know any type of php or html coding, just know Front Page. Will i be able to host and maintain a light website. U know my intensions. In due course I will try to gain knowledge.
Great work dude.
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Int you can use some CMS for maintaining your web site. It doesn't really require any knowledge of any type of coding unless you want to do all kinds of personalisation.
But, it would be good to atleast learn HTML and CSS. They are easy to learn and very useful. W3Schools is a nice place to learn.


@ int86, first and foremost, throw out Frontpage. It simply sucks! Instead try out NVu. Of course, the best thing is to not use any such WYSIWYG editors and write the code.

Learn XHTML, CSS and some basic PHP. XHTML is little different from HTML but is the future. tech_your_future has given the link. Have a look.


Pop comes a question in my mind. I have a blog at blogger, which is redirected to a .tk domain name as u can see in my signature.
But I wanted to learn HTML and design pages for my own site. Now has very good tutorials, but where can I find a free host. If u visit my site, u can see I have not added any ADs, I don't like them.
So where can I find a totally AD free site host ?? My traffic/bandwidth requirements are not high though.
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