1. H

    Sony registers The Last of Us 2 & 3 domains, The Order: 1886 speculation resumes

    Sony registers The Last of Us 2 & 3 domains, The Order: 1886 speculation resumes | VG247
  2. H

    EA implies Battlefield 13 - 20 are coming through domain name registration

    Electronic Arts registers domains for Battlefield 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20 - Fusible
  3. SunnyGamingHD2

    Demonoid Domains Go Up For Sale

    While it’s undoubtedly been a turbulent couple of weeks for Demonoid, its loyal users still had hope that one day the site might return. However, today the chances of that happening appear to have been cut from an optimistic 50/50 to much, much less. All key Demonoid domains are now up for sale...
  4. socrates

    Spelling mistakes can lead to online security breaches

    If you have a friend with a very complicated email address or even just a name you frequently misspell like mine, you have to be extra careful when typing out their addresses when you send them an email. Researchers have found that cyber thieves create commonly misspelled domains and usernames...
  5. Cool Buddy

    how to register .to or .ly domain

    I don't want to register currently, but I've been looking for it and can't find any site offering those extension also, there are other extensions like gl, mp, be, st etc. where can we register these domains
  6. RizEon

    domain cloaking options

    what are options for domain cloaking/free domains i know a couple of them a) b) any more options then please let know...
  7. iinfi

    edit dns Important changes

    i got this mail from edit dns wonder if this is already posted ... is there a similar free service available??
  8. A

    Are domains good? provides the free domain names. Was thinking about registering one. But before that I want to know if sites appear on google search results or not. Are these domains SEO friendly?
  9. hahahari

    New Google Bug

    Guys there is a new google bug which gives instant PR to domains. Do check it out. New Google bug|hyves
  10. A

    GoDaddy domains for $0.99 only!

    GoDaddy is offering domains for as low as $0.99 only. Offer available on all TLD's. Don't know when the offer will end so HURRY! Here's the coupon code: 99DOMAIN Visit my site for more details...
  11. W

    WebHosting Solutions.NOW HOSTING OVER 690,000 DOMAINS

    Affordable,Reliable WebHosting Solutions. NOW HOSTING OVER 690,000 DOMAINS Professional Web Hosting For $6.95/Month Free Set-up.No Hidden Fees Domain Included! Visit Website
  12. ravi_9793

    Register Domains for 1.99$ at Godaddy

    Register Domains for 1.99$ at Godaddy . Use the following code you get it for 1.99 usd. 199test Source: Register Domains for 1.99$ at Godaddy
  13. Pearl Groupz

    Google owns 4,867 sites

    google owns 4,867 sites :D i searched the for a whois query and what a surprise "Google Inc." owns about 9,109 other domains is associated with about 4,867 domains wow
  14. B

    what price can I sell these domains

    I am thinking of selling the following domains either in India or worldwide ebay whichever is better. the domains are what price can I sell these domains? Are they worth selling and would it be useful for anyone?
  15. Vijay-IN

    Cheapest Domains in India | Independence Day Sale | .com/.net/.org/.biz = Rs 299

    Cheapest Domains in India | **Offer Extended** | .com/.net/.org/.biz = Rs 299 Hello Friends! August is over now. Guess what? :D We are happy to extend this offer due to your lively responses. :D You can still use our proud TRICOLOUR coupon to get the special prices. >>> Check Your...
  16. A

    Yahoo introduces two new e-mail address domains

    Yahoo Inc said it introduced two new e-mail domains on Wednesday, allowing users to select new, simpler e-mail addresses ending in and
  17. praka123

    .org domains getting expensive

    .org owners facing 10% hike in registration fees this fall Organizations that own .org domains may soon find themselves paying a bit more to renew, transfer, and register new domains. The company that operates the .org domain, Public Interest Registry (PIR), has decided to raise wholesale rates...
  18. V

    Suggest a Domain Name..?

    Please suggests me a domain name for a tech blog...I have tried a number of domains but all are registered.. Thank You
  19. venom007

    Tipsterhosting Offer For ThinkDigit Member's

    Hi there! We are offering a special package for all ThinkDigit members. Here is its description 100 GB Disksapce 500 GB monthly Bandwidth Host unlimited domains Unlimited Email Accounts Unlimited Sub domains Unlimited MySQL database. Unlimited Parked Domains PHP 5 All features...
  20. nileshgr

    Can't Send Email to other domains

    Hi, As you know, my system is a mini-Server. I am getting emails directly on my system through my domain. I am using Sendmail as MTA. But when I try to send email using the Usermin interface to other domains like Gmail, etc. I get an IP not authorised error. What to do ...
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