1. V

    Remove part of file name from many files

    I use file history to backup my files. Thus I found out that it appends the time backuped to the end of file name. But the recording software that I use doesn't allow the input file name to be longer than 15 characters. :-? So, I would like to know on how to batch rename the files as most of the...
  2. SaiyanGoku

    Batch rename files.

    Please suggest a good windows freeware that can batch rename selected files, given the new names are stored in a .txt, .csv or .xls file. Also, it should be able to edit/delete certain parts of the file's name as required and should support wildcard characters (? and *) for quick editing of...
  3. death_syndicate

    Batch file help

    how can a start a progam through batch file along with its command line parameters I need to start just cause 2 with command line parametrs -/frameratecap=30 -/dxadapter
  4. death_syndicate

    Batch file help

    how will i have to create a batch file, that can open programs along with their command line parameters? I need to start just cause 2 with the parameters -/frameratecap=30 -/dxadapter
  5. msn

    IDM - Any solution for batch downloads ?

    Hi TDF community, A lot of videos in video sharing services such as Netload or Extabit have parts like Video (Part 1/8) Video (Part 2/8) ... Video (Part 8/8) or links like *
  6. D@rekills4

    Close program when batch file closes.

    I am opening a program using a batch file.... Once its opened, the Command Prompt window of the batch file keeps open.... What I want is that when I close the Command Prompt window of the batch file, the program which opened with the batch file should close too.... Can I do that?
  7. TheLetterD

    Suggestion for some books to prepare for AIEEE

    Hello Since the system is gonna change this year I want to get a book which explains the theory well AND helps me prepare for AIEEE Pls note I do not care for books that just prepare you for IIT-JEE exams. Its beyond my capacity and neither am I interested. So Pls suggest me some good books for...
  8. A

    find and replace dos batch

    suppose i have a file a.txt which contains: D:\Doc\Abhay\bat i want to change this to D:\Doc\Abhay\ plz write an .bat file for this. I have no idea how to write batch files. I googled it, found some answers too but couldn't understand anything. plz give me complete code start to end
  9. A

    batch file to add registry key

    i want to create a batch file which will add its directory path to registry as a string value.
  10. MarveL

    Photo gallery increases image size after edit

    The latest version of Windows live photo gallery 2011 is an annoyance over the earlier version (2009). The huge ribbon UI and the thick windows 7 taskbar reduces workplace dramatically in a widescreen laptop with vertical resolution of 768 pixels. :cry: What is causing me more trouble is if I...
  11. D

    edit pdf in batch - zoom in on pages

    I have pdf book(s) which i read in full screen 2 page layout. The pdf has 10% white space on all each pdf's way to remove/zoom out each of the page in batch? - without doing edit on each page..
  12. rameeze

    want to trim some text from txt file with batch file

    I want to create a batch file to trim some text. the text file contains and want to remove "UninstallString="
  13. mayoorite

    How to make batch file?

    Hi! I need help to make a batch file to run "ctrl+alt+right arrow". or to rotate screen. Please reply.
  14. Q

    Batch Programming

    First of all i m new to this community so i m doing anything wrong plzzz notify me abt that :-| Coming to the point actually i wanted to learn some stuffs about Batch Programming and i cant find any source to learn the basics of how to make the programs on batch so if you know anything about...
  15. r4gs

    Auto logon and restart

    For various reasons, I need to have my Pc restart at specific times at night and automatically log on to the internet. I'm able to get the pc to restart by setting a task in the task manager using "shutdown.exe -r -t 00" but it I need a better way of doing it. Is there any software which...
  16. N

    Internet Connection Checker

    Hi all I have bsnl 500 plan which gives me night time unlimited download. my problem is that sometimes my net connection automatically disconnects, though the modem is running. then I have to again start my batch file. I need a freeware to check periodically for internet connection and...
  17. edvin_158709

    Greatest things u have learnt by web

    My one of the main reason to start this thread was to bring by far all my knowledge,tricks and methods to use WINDOWS :windows: that i have learn from the web :reading: from troubleshooting :fencing: to maintenance as an Engineer for past one year i have learn many things which i would like to...
  18. W

    Vidyamandir Classes - REVIEW

    I joined VMC last year, after a "dad-i-messed-it-up-no-hope" entrance test in which i surprisingly got selected in the Regular Batch. I live in Noida and used to go to the centre at Punjabi Bagh by carpool. But the Metro is the norm now (a saving of 300 bucks per trip doesnt hurt either) The...
  19. pauldmps

    Conditional startup of applications at Windows startup. Possible ?

    The problem I'm facing is a long story to tell. All I can tell is that it is related in some way to BSNL Broadband night downloading. Most users download from torrents via μtorrent. I, however, use JDownloader to download files from file sharing websites such as rapidshare, etc. Now...
  20. als2

    Phenom X2 550 batch 0928 cpmw unlock

    hi i am getting phenom x2 batch 0928 cpmw with msi 785G-E53 so can i unlock my processor please reply need to buy tomorrow
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