Graphics Cards related queries here.

Sometime I feel the scalpers are within RP tech.

Thinking my internet may have some issue, I even tried spinning up a server in Azure and accessing the link.
Yes, they are. Some sellers in Mumbai source FE GPUs from RPTech & sold it for a premium. Like once upon a time 3070FE was available locally (rarely) for 50k. Some person posted about it in r/IndianGaming about primeabgb, I think.
Ya if they can wait that is the way to go. I just wanted to inform everyone a cheaper alternate is available for people in dire need of a gpu.
But man when will the prices stabilize??????
Get that Zotac 1050Ti at 15k instead & register within a month to get 5 year warranty on it. Otherwise used GPUs.

No guarantee on price stabilization, but cryptos started falling. Miners might stop buying overpriced GPUs thus lowering demand somewhat.


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just have a look, its insane

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Better to buy prebuilts and custom pc right now. Support desi builders rather than importing anything. Customs won't release it easily either.


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Are colorful graphics cards good? I saw a youtuber importing one of them from china for a very high price.

Colorful is a big brand and makes pretty decent gpus. If you can get it for a good price then it's a decent choice ( RMA most probably handled by Rashi peripherals ). Anyway, My top GPU choice is Asus and then Zotac. Nothing else.


Got some reply from RPtech finally.





@bubusam13 how does buying from rptech work could you explain. How did you get on the list for the sale? Is there a limited number of people or is it till stock lasts?
I actually e-mailed NVIDIA once regarding the stock of their graphics card. They redirected me to RPtech. From then I keep getting emails from RPtech when there is a new sale. RPtech is the official distributor of NVIDIA Graphics cards and cards are available at official MSRP. Eg. RTX 3060 for Rs30000, RTX 3060 TI for Rs 35000, RTX 3070 for Rs 44500.

P.S Till date I received several emails regarding these sales but never able to buy any.
Hey guys, I'm planning to build a pc for 1080p gaming. Is there any way to increase my odds of landing a 1660 ti. Also, for now I'm going with i5-11600k to work with onboard graphics and play esports titles. Wise approach?
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