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  • Monitor to be used for TV viewing
    I need to upgrade my current desktop. I plan to buy a 19 inch or 21 inch LCD monitor which I can also attach to my Tata Sky
    set top box and view TV on. (Budget for Monitor 15-20K)
    Can you please help me with reccomendations about,
    1. Is it advisable to use monitor as TV?
    2. What is the hardware that I would require for TV viewing, and approx how much will it cost?
    3. Please reccomend me with a few good models of monitors, & whether they are easily available at Lamington road Mumbai?
    Hi got confused about all the tech talk, hence writing a personal msg to you. Can you please explain the following to me in normal english ;-) (cant understand a word of tech talk)
    Full system upgrade
    I need to upgrade my current desktop. I just need to change the CPU unit. I already have the DVD-RW, speakers etc.
    Basically want to change
    a. Processor (Intel only)
    b. Motherboard (with LAN card)
    c. CPU cabinet & SMPS
    d. Graphics Card
    e. Sound Card
    e. RAM
    1. My budget for this is about 20K.
    2. I use my PC basically for net MSOffice, Net surfing & occasional gaming like Age of Empires (not the FPS kind of games)
    Would I easily get the above products at Lamington Road Mumbai?
    Please help me out. Thanks.
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