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graphic card compatibility?


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hello digit,

i wanted to upgrade my gpu for playing games at atleast medium settings and i have some doubt regrading the same. the current config of my pc is as follows:

CPU - AMD Sempron 145 2.8 GHz
RAM - 2 gb
Motherboard - MSI 760GM-P33
GPU (integrated) - ATI Radeon 3000 graphics (not HD)
Hard disk - 320 gb
PSU - 230V
15.6 " TFT monitor

i wanted a budget graphics card with my max budget being Rs.5000. i made a small research on the graphics card and i found this graphics card - 'Sparkle NVIDIA GeForce GT430 4 GB DDR3' most suitable.

i wanted to know whether this graphics card will run on my pc. should i upgrade any other componets of my pc such as my RAM, PSU, CPU or smthing? will i b able to watch HD movies on it also?

waiting for your reply,



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sadly thats a terribly bad GPU. Go for HD6670. I am sure you are fooled by the 4GB memory.

if you have generic psu, better will be if you change it and also Sempron is not suitable for gaming. If your only requirement is HD playback, then no need to change processor.


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I have the same mobo and it supports core unlocking..There is a good chance that you can unlock a locked core. Do try it, an amd dual core @ about 3ghz will serve you well.
About the graphics card, get hd 6670. I bought the Sapphire gddr5 version for Rs. 5200 from Wazirpur Market, Delhi in March.
Also try to get another 2gb of RAM, if possible.
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Get HD 6670 !! Don't ever think of buying 1GB , 2GB GPU or even 4GB GPU.. These are misleading features which lures you, but don't fall for it.

Go for what Sam suggested. Don't look anywhere else.


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so this 'Sparkle NVIDIA GeForce GT430 4 GB DDR3' is not good for gaming?

i just wanted to know if i was to get this card, will it work on my pc? or i'll have to upgrade smthing else also?

and what about this graphics card - 'Sparkle NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 2 GB DDR3 ' ?
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HD 6670 Has GDDR5 Memory and Gt 430 has DDR3 memory. HD 6670 has more bandwidth than the Gt 440 which is only DDR3. . So it performs better than 4 gb.
Even a 512 MB GDDR5 can Beat a Graphic Card with 4 GB DDR3 . But nowadays 512 MB Rarely available. So , Look for 1 GB .


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^^ get Phenom II 960T but before that tell us the manufacturer and the model name of your PSU.
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